A Young Falun Dafa Practitioner's Experience in Clarifying the Truth in China

Cong Cong

PureInsight | February 10, 2008

[PureInsight.org] I am 12 years
old. Although I am young, I have been practicing Falun Gong for several
years and, today, I would like to share my cultivation experience.

Clarify the Truth, Save Sentient Beings

During my second year, one day I saw that my mother had obtained many
beautiful charm amulet cards, so I wanted to give them to my
classmates. On the first day, I took ten or so cards and all my
classmates really wanted them. I took another twenty cards on the
second day and everybody tried to grab one. Those who did not get one
even checked my school bag for more and said I was ungrateful. Then the
attachment of zealotry emerged in me. On the third day, I took another
handful of cards for my classmates, but was discovered by a teacher,
who questioned where I got them from. I said I had picked them up and
the teacher told me not to bring any more.


Not long after, due to the CCP's persecution, my parents had to leave
home to avoid persecution. I also had to change schools. At that time,
I was very scared and secretly checked around for police vehicles.

One day our teacher asked us to write a thesis, with three sentences of
true words from our hearts. I said to my second aunt: "Do you know what
is in my mind? First, I do not want the police to seize my mom and dad.
Second, I want to have a calm and steady family. Third, I want to have
carefree life like other children." My aunt cried, as I was only 9
years old at that time.

We did not have a TV. Once, when I went to a relative's home but did
not get to watch animated cartoon, I cried. Mother told me stories of
uncle and aunts validating Dafa and how they went through many
hardships, some even losing their lives. Mother told me to let go of
that attachment. When mother was sending forth righteous thoughts, that
was the time when I was going to sleep. Teacher opened up my celestial
eye and I saw the whole room full of animated cartoons. From that day
until now, I am able to see it whenever I want.


When the "three quits" began, mother encouraged me to tell my
classmates. I told the classmate who sat together with me and she quit.
I asked her to tell her father, mother, and elder sister, to which she
agreed. On the second day, she delightedly told me that all three of
them had agreed to quit. My mother also gave her parents the Nine Commentaries.
I tell my classmates, one after another, and, when there is an
opportunity, I bring them to my mother's shop so she can help me to

Look Inwards, Abandon Attachment

Once, underneath the drum tower, several disabled people were singing.
When other people threw them money, one of the troupe thanked them.
When I gave her money, she said nothing, I was very unhappy. After I
got home, I thought, "Wasn't that jealousy? I must abandon it."

On last year's exam, I was ranked number three. I was very happy and
jumped around but my mother pointed out I had attachment. I said I
knew, but she should let me be happy for a while and then I would
abandon it. After a while, I said to myself, "This is the attachment of
zealotry. I do not want that" and my heart became clam. Whenever other
people praise me, I am happy, I know this is attachment of zealotry and
showing off and I need to get rid of it.

I still have many shortcomings, do not like doing the exercises, and
love to watch TV. From now on I must be diligent and go home with

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