Cultivation Diary: Let the Truth Spread All Over the Human World and End the Evil in the Coming New Year


PureInsight | February 17, 2008

[] On this New
Year's Eve, just like another New Year's Eve in the past, I carried on
my back a heavy bag of truth-clarifying materials and left my home. I
followed the streets bustling with activities. Among the never-ending
crowd, I see people not knowing imminent danger. People only look at
the brief happiness of the moment. Looking at their numb and weary
looks, I can't help but feel pity in heart. I walked silently into a
square, a construction site, a hospital, shops, a supermarket, and
buildings and quietly distributed the truth-clarifying materials.
Silently, I called out: "People! Read them quickly. The truth comes to
save you. When the great catastrophe strikes, there is no escape route,
no matter whether you are poor or rich. People, hurry and try to
understand the truth and make a promising choice. Only by knowing that
Falun Dafa is good and withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party
quickly, will you have a bright future! People, don't miss this
extraordinary opportunity you have been awaiting for thousands of
years. Let the truth wake up your memory long sunk in sleep.

I saw a police car whistling by me. I saw plain-clothes policemen
walking by me. I saw video recoding camera installed on the dark corner
of a building. But none of these could stop me, a Dafa practitioner in
Fa-rectification period. I am doing the perfectly just thing.

I finished distributing over a hundred copies of the truth-clarifying
materials safely. Standing in the middle of the city, I feel joy and
hope. I see the Dafa materials as like a golden lotus flower,
illuminating the city. I heard a voice asking: "Are you willing to end
this viciousness?" I answered: "I will. I will exhaust my whole mind
and body to finish it."

To Chinese, it signifies the New Year's Eve is about to pass. To me, it is an ordinary as well as an extraordinary evening

Tomorrow is a new day and a new year.

The moment the New Year's bell is tolling, I light two candles. They
are for those fellow practitioners who lost their lives and for all
human beings to stay far away from darkness and walk into brightness.

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