Because of Kindness

PureInsight | February 10, 2008

Wu Zhibin

The story began as a common motorcycle accident. At
that time, I was working in a residential area for item management.
When I heard the news of the accident, I rushed to the accident site.
It was quite scary. A person, together with his cycle, was lying
motionlessly in a pool of blood under a four-wheeled cargo van. The
driver of the cargo van who had caused the accident had disappeared.
According to a witness, the driver looked under his car, called the 120
emergency number and then irresponsibly ran away from the site.

The ambulance and policemen had not yet arrived when the victim
suddenly crawled out from under the van by himself. We then found that
the "blood" all over his body was actually chili sauce. The only
apparent damage was a broken bone in his left leg. He told us clearly
that he was a farmer in the suburban area. He came on his motorcycle to
the residential area to sell his chili sauce. He had fainted due to
fear and his injury was actually not very serious.

The ambulance and the police cars came at the same time. Doctors
immediately examined the victim's injury. The conclusion was the left
leg was crushed and the rest of his body had no obvious damage. Of
course, a more detailed examination in the hospital was needed. I felt
relaxed and took a deep breath. It looked like we had a false alarm at
the beginning. Now what I had to do was to help the policemen to search
for that driver who caused the accident.

At that moment, shocking news came. The driver who had had the accident
had run to a four-story residential building and jumped off from a
balcony. It was really an unexpected new problem on top of the existing
one. We hurried from one accident site to the other one. The scene
shocked everyone again. The driver stood there and cried loudly without
obvious injury whereas a retired worker was lying on the ground.

The story got weird. Actually, when the drive was crawling over the
protective bars, a retired worker was just passing by. He saw the
emergent situation and bravely rushed over and caught the falling body.
As a result, the saved person was all right and the elderly worker had
two broken ribs. The whole event turned into a legendary story because
of what the elderly worker did. It also satisfied the criteria of
"eye-catching news". However, when a friend of mine interviewed the
elder worker and asked him whether he felt scared after the event, his
answer was very simple and honest. He said: "I couldn't stand to see a
life disappear in front of my eyes. If he were to jump off the building
again, I would go ahead and catch him one more time!"


The story ended here. It was an everyday accident. Because of
unexpected reasons, the subsequent events dealing with the problems
arising from the accident became quite complicated.

This driver was very poor and had nothing at home. He had a mom and a
wife and a son. The entire family depended on his sole income for
living. His work place let him drive the mini four-wheel van to do him
a favor. He needed to just carry cargo for short distances for his
factory. So, in the face of such an accident, in his mind he had no
will to live and only wanted to die.

 The elderly worker is truly admirable. When he heard the driver's
financial situation, he declined any compensation from him and paid the
hospital charges himself. The most worrisome person was that farmer who
had injury. He could have lay in the hospital for half a year or a year
and waited for the driver to satisfy his request. There are many
examples of this kind of behavior. But the actual sequence of events
was completely beyond my prediction. That day the driver went to the
hospital to visit the victim. At that time, someone asked him a
question: "You didn't want to live, so why did you remember to call 120
to save him?" He was unprepared and paused for a moment. Then he said:
"What if he had a chance to be saved?" Just because of these words, he
touched the victim and us. The next day, the farmer insisted on leaving
the hospital. He said: "Let me go home to recover. I don't want to take
advantage of him and ask for money from him!"

 Since then I have been thinking about why the whole event was
resolved smoothly. If there was some essential element, it was
"kindness." Kindness is a fundamental virtue in human nature and it is
also the simplest beauty in the human character. Only in the nurture of
kindness, can the noble flower of virtue bloom. We cannot strictly
request every ordinary person to use the grace of virtue to touch the
gods. But if every one of us can have kindness in our hearts, this
world would have to turn into a better, lovelier, one.

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