Cherish Our Predestined Relationships

Yu Jiaolong

PureInsight | February 10, 2008

[] The sun rises
and the moon goes down and the seasons change. Before I have a chance
to experience the past melody of reincarnation, time has already flown
down the river and countless decades have gone by.


Across the vast reaches of time, through layer after layer of
predestination and numerous vicissitudes of life, each act of history
is being played out. And each one of us is playing our own role.
Because of established good karmic relationships, some of us, when we
meet again, feel warm towards each other. Some people, because of bad
karma, when they get together they form barriers in their minds. No
matter whether it is a good or a bad karmic relationship, whether it is
a gentlemanly relationship or a chance meeting, when a being surpasses
individual feelings of gratitude or enmity, the boundaries of human
life can be eternally elevated. If we cannot change the length of life,
we can still try to change the width. In this roiling mundane human
society, how much is pure and how much is impure? Buddha said: Five
hundred times of glancing at the person you adored in exchange for a
brush by in this life. So everyone we meet and know must have a very
deep predestined relationship with us. Just because of this
extraordinary predestination, let us cherish them with a grateful mind
to keep calmness to ourselves and give others tolerance.

Things you own you will have. Things you have done, they will be done
again. While I keep thinking, one more year has gone by. I quietly read
the vast time and enjoy the curve of the moon; they are all made to
happen as patterns of life. Cherish predestination. Our coming across
to this place today is also for the past and for the solemn vow made
hundreds of thousands of years ago.

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