Enlightening to the Fa: Getting Rid of Layer Upon Layer of Human Shells


PureInsight | March 9, 2008

[PureInsight.org] I dreamed I
was with fellow practitioners on a large ship. I felt I was wearing too
much clothing and felt pretty warm all over. After I took off a piece
of clothing, I found there were still many layers of clothing. I
thought I was only wearing one piece of clothing. Why were there so
many layers?

I came to understand that attachments are like wearing clothes. When
one has too many attachments, one will feel muggy and uncomfortable. If
one does not look inward, one always thinks he is fine and perhaps has
a small fault can be easily discarded when the time comes. But when one
looks within, he will find layer upon layer of shells, just like layer
upon layer of heavy clothing, wrapped around one's body.

I reminded myself that it doesn't matter how hard I had try, I can not
possibly reach the requirement Teacher asks of us. It is because humans
have too many layers of hard shells. Many times we cannot even see our
own attachments, not to mention get rid of them. It is our benevolent
Teacher who helps us getting rid of them. As we continue to study the
Fa, we can only understand some Fa principles. It is Teacher helping us
in other dimensions so that we will have the remarkable and splendid
feeling in this dimension of being raised to a higher level.

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