Beijing's Propaganda

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | March 23, 2008



Where machines of propaganda

turn on crushing wheels

silence upon silence deadly

sown from the darkest seeds.

Where blind hearts stumble

rogues feed the regime

orders from the lair

crimes and shameless schemes.

Where tears and the innocent

uncried and still to fall

freedom all but gagged

with writing behind the walls.

Where the "610 office" reigns

a spectre blackens the sky

control with fear near absolute

and truth overrun by lies.

("610 office" - The highest institution within the Chinese government for formulating and executing the campaign

to persecute Falun Gong. A terrorist organisation specifically established for the purpose of

suppressing and persecuting innocent

Falun Gong practitioners.)


Slander, propaganda

words like weapons sharp

poison and the 'party-speak'

China darkest behind closed hearts.

Godless, shameless

many an accomplice to the crime

injustice every altar

nothing sacred and all too blind.

Campaigns, bloodstains

silence to a deadly call

headlines and the pages lie

with truth most feared of all.

Incarceration, intimidation,

disorder of the day

mind to media state-controlled

souls under a shadow grey.

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