Sacrosanct Whispers

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | March 30, 2008


The Whisper in the Wind

The whisper in the wind

the writing on the wall

the turning of another page

the awakening to the call.

The passing of the hour

the calm amidst the storm

the promise of brighter days

always darkest before the dawn.

The waiting for the world

the reclaiming of the heart

the light beyond our horizons

skies where all clouds depart.

The rise of humanity

the journey of one and all

the whisper in the wind

the writing on the wall.


The right to freedom

to uphold morality

the right to seek one's truth

precious life and its sanctity.

The right as citizens

to voice their opposition

the right of every nation

to honour past traditions.

The right of belief

to abide to a higher law

the right of all women and men

ways of others and more.

The right of justice in China

one's speech and dignity

the right of children to innocence

heart and our humanity.

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