Eliminate the Separation Between Practitioners and Truly Form One Body

A Falun Dafa practitioner outside of China

PureInsight | June 10, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Recently, I
had a conflict with a fellow practitioner. From the changes of the
practitioner's attitude before and after the raising of my xinxing,
I have further understood the importance of Dafa practitioners "taking
the Fa as Teacher" and looking inside when conflicts arise.

Below is what happened.

One day in a truth-clarification project group meeting, I pointed out
something improper about a particular aspect when we carried out a
project. The project coordinator argued with me with an attitude. A few
days later, when I once again pointed out the same problem, the
practitioner defended himself very emotionally. We both shared our
points of view right away, but the atmosphere was not improved at all.
I wasn't angry but I thought: "How come this practitioner's xinxing
is so low? He does not have the manner of a practitioner and is not
worthy of participating in the sacred truth-clarification projects."
Moreover, I even wanted to talk about the practitioner's xinxing with others. Gradually, I started to dislike the practitioner.

After a while, I raised my xinxing
through the Fa, so I was able to let go of the matter gradually and
stopped being attached to thinking about the practitioner's xinxing.
Moreover, I started to look at the practitioner from a different angle.
I thought, any person who can practice cultivation in Dafa and become a
Dafa disciple at this historical moment is remarkable. Teacher said in Teaching the Fa to Australian Students,
"You say 'I'm a practitioner, and I can do Dafa work.' This person is
already very remarkable." The beings that dared to come to the human
world with heavenly courage are already very precious, not to mention
those who have already obtained the Fa and steadfastly put efforts
selflessly to clarify the truth and save sentient beings. After this
thought came out, I suddenly felt relieved and no longer held a
negative opinion about that practitioner.

Wonderful things happened right afterwards. Ever since this thought
came out, when I raised questions at the group meetings, the
practitioner would take the initiative to answer them, and we could
talk like before as if nothing had happened.

I understood that when I had the conflict with the practitioner and
started to dislike him, a separation had formed between me and this
practitioner in other dimensions. After raising my xinxing
and looking at the practitioner compassionately, the separation in
other dimensions was broken and the manifestation in this dimension was
that we could talk to each other normally like before.

Therefore, I further understood that when a conflict develops between
practitioners, if we failed to follow Master's teaching to look inside
and raise our xinxing, then
very likely we would walk into the old forces' arrangement and let the
conflict grow. If, in a conflict, a Dafa practitioner failed to
understand it from the Fa and held some personal opinions against
another practitioner(s), then the old forces would take the opportunity
to magnify his or her attachments and strengthen them, causing the
practitioners to make irresponsible remarks about each other, repel
each other and refuse to cooperate. Moreover, some would separate from
the group and start a new one, keeping practitioners from forming one
body both in the human world or in other dimensions, which would create
an obstacle for practitioners to improve holistically and save sentient
beings. And this is precisely the old forces' craft. Therefore, when
conflict arises, we must rectify our every thought.

Looking at it from another angle to illustrate the point further, we
cannot treat others based on how they treat us. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Meeting with Asia-Pacific Students,
"Nowadays people consider emotion really important, yet emotion is one
of the most unreliable things. 'When you're nice to me I'm happy, and
when you're no longer nice to me the feeling is gone.' Then how could
you count on that thing?" Dafa practitioners are compassionate, we will
not change our attitude just because others are not nice to us because
"Compassion is an ever-lasting state of gods."

This concludes my sharing. Please point out anything improper.

May 5, 2008

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