Cultivation Diary: A Practitioner Should View Things With Righteous Thoughts

By Jin Gangxiao

PureInsight | September 13, 2008

[] Recently, I noticed that some practitioners still have attachments of fear. Practitioners were persecuted around us one after another, and some practitioners were illegally arrested. As a result, these practitioners could not calm down to improve themselves and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. When seeing the manifestation of these human notions, it reminded me of places where I could improve and eliminate evil elements in my dimension.

I deeply realized that as Dafa disciples, we should maintain righteous thoughts under any circumstances. First of all, we should be noble and above board. On several occasions, police cars passed by as I clarified the truth to people. Fully putting my attention on clarifying the truth, I ignored them and was not at all disturbed.

Even when our minds are sometimes not very stable and those attachments of fear arise, we should calm down and compare with the requirements of Dafa. By doing so, we will find those thoughts are not from ourselves. They could affect us mainly because of our selfishness and intention to protect ourselves. If someone does not have selfishness, why would he be afraid? I think that if he or she has some fear, that fear may result from not cultivating diligently enough and thus witnessing sentient beings being destroyed rather than being saved. So many beings have been waiting for thousands of years to be saved during this period of time, and they are completely counting on us.

Every time when clarifying the truth to people face-to-face, I can only feel the enormous compassion Dafa gives a practitioner. That feeling makes me forget anything else, and I am deeply touched by the truth of Dafa along with the stranger whom I am clarifying the truth to. I can clearly feel both myself and that person being bathed in the light and warmth of the Fa. At that moment, I would extend my hand to that person and say gratefully, “Thank you Falun Dafa, for your salvation.”

Today, in I my heart I am telling those evils—who are as weak and ludicrous as clowns—that I will completely eliminate them since my mission is to assist Teacher to validate the Fa and save sentient beings.

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