What Andi Saw in Other Dimensions When She Sent Forth Righteous Thoughts

By Yi Lian

PureInsight | September 22, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Andi is a seven year-old girl in China. She has been practicing Dafa with her mom ever since she was three. She often listens to her mom read Zhuan Falun, and at night, she listens to recordings of Master’s lectures. She can recite many poems from Hong Yin. Sometimes Andi does the exercises with her mom. But since she is young, she doesn’t do them persistently.

Last year Andi began first grade. In China, even students in elementary school are poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and are forced to join the Communist Young Pioneers. Every week the school holds the national flag raising ceremony. Andi’s mother often reminds her to send forth righteous thoughts frequently at school to clear up the evil factors on campus and save the teachers and other students.

Here I write down what Andi told me she saw in other dimensions when she sent forth righteous thoughts. I hope all young Dafa disciples can cultivate seriously, send forth righteous thoughts more, and save other children.

What I saw when I sent righteous thoughts during the flag raising ceremony

Andi said: “Last year, I attended first grade. Mom told me that every Monday when the national flag was being raised, I should remember to send forth righteous thoughts to clear up the evil. Mom said she would send forth righteous thoughts to help too. So every Monday morning when mom took me to school, she would say, ‘When the national flag is being raised, you remember to send forth righteous thoughts.’ I kept this in mind, and when the national flag rising, I sent righteous thoughts.”

“When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I seemed to see a cover coming down from the sky that covered me completely. I wanted it to cover all the other classmates but it couldn’t, because they didn’t practice Falun Dafa. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, the national anthem always became intermittent and people couldn’t hear it clearly. I saw many small five-pointed stars fly out from the national flag to suck the blood of my classmates. So, I sent out Falun to suck the stars into a little box I had cultivated. Once inside the box the stars became a black and smelly liquid.”

“I also saw evil spirits behind my teachers and classmates. Some looked like toads, some looked like snakes. I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear them up. Once when the flag was being raised, it rained heavily, so the ceremony was moved indoors. The rain was so heavy that nobody could hear the national anthem. I thought maybe Master asked the sky to rain so we didn’t have to raise the flag or listen to the national anthem.”

The class of “ideology and morality”

In Mainland China, elementary school students have a class called “ideology and morality.” The class doesn’t talk about Chinese traditional culture or morality, however. Instead, it poison’s the students with Communist Party culture. Andi found that the teacher of the class was possessed by evil spirits.

She told me: “I thought it was time to send righteous thoughts, so I said ‘the Fa rectifies the Cosmos; the Evil is completely eliminated.’ I just said it once but I immediately saw many golden Faluns cover the evil spirits and suck them into the little box I had cultivated. Shortly after, they turned into pus and blood.”

“My little box is very beautiful and powerful. It was created just for cleaning up the evil spirits. The box is golden and on the top is a gem. When I wasn’t sending forth righteous thoughts, the box became very small and its color became purple, blue, or yellow. It stayed in my dantian (in the lower abdomen area). When I sent righteous thoughts, the box became very big, sucking in all the evil spirits and disintegrating them completely.”

What I saw when studying the Fa

Andi said: “About two years ago, mom played the recordings of Master’s lectures almost every night. Sometimes I had dreams that I rode on a red-crowned crane to return to the heavens and saw many wonderful scenes. One time I had a dream that Master took me to the heavens and I saw a big table in front of Master. Many Buddha books were on the table. I also saw some horrible scenes about when catastrophes would happen in the human world.”

“When I was six, Master opened my third eye while I was listening to the Fa. I saw many Faluns and they were very beautiful. They were rotating all the time. I also saw heavenly maidens spreading flowers about. The flowers were not the lotus flowers in the human world; they were the lotus flowers in heaven.”

“Sometimes the Falun would split into many more Faluns, which was like snow falling in winter, with many beautiful Faluns rotating. Most of the Faluns were golden while some others were blue, orange, green etc.”

“Although Daddy didn’t cultivate Falun Dafa seriously and only listened to the recordings of Master’s lectures, there was a Falun behind him. Master’s Fashen also guarded him. One time I told my Daddy what I saw and he believed it. Ever since then, he hasn’t interfered with my Fa study and he no longer quarreled with mom.”

Please kindly point out anything that is not in line with the Fa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/8/27/54555.html

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