Bits of Cultivation: Keeping a Diary

By a Dafa Disciple outside China

PureInsight | September 22, 2008

[] I have a diary. Sometimes when I enlighten to something in my cultivation, I write it in the diary.

One day I had some enlightenment, but I couldn’t find the diary since I moved houses recently. I felt kind of lost without it.

Later, I realized that I had formed the habit of writing down whatever I enlightened to after making mistakes so that I could feel better. But in fact, if I enlighten to something, why not just encourage myself to cultivate better? Isn’t this true self-improvement more significant than just writing it in a diary?

I still remember that when I was a student, very often I reorganized my notebooks. While I was reorganizing, I was thinking of reading them carefully in the future. However, when examinations were coming, I usually didn’t have time to read them at all since there were so many study materials and I was too busy. After the examinations, when I was packing my luggage to go home, when I took one last look at those valuable notebooks, I felt sad because I knew I wouldn’t get a chance to read them again in my life.

In my long journey of life, I have gotten to know so many lives, even though I met some only by chance and never saw them again. After cultivation, I had so many thoughts of responsibility towards them. Now, more and more, I no longer have such feelings. In the future when I look back, for those mistakes I shouldn’t have made, for those areas I should have done better in, perhaps my feeling of being irresponsible toward them will be far beyond just regret.

Today when I studied the Fa, I was moved by this Master’s words: “As Dafa disciples, if right now you cannot accomplish that and lead beings to salvation, then you will have failed to fulfill the vows you once made, and will have brought calamity to the entire Fa-rectification, the universe, and sentient beings. That's why I said just now that this is something Dafa disciples must do well.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference”)

Don’t get attached to self. Don’t get satisfied with the little bit you have done. Assimilate to Dafa wholeheartedly, and save all sentient beings around you!

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