Be Indifferent to Attachment

PureInsight | September 22, 2008

[] Despite the fact that we’ve been discussing about how to stop the persecution of Falun Gong for quite some time, the persecution is still happening and even seems to have gotten worse during the Olympic Games.

The evil has stretched out its hands to countries overseas to harass and attack Falun Gong practitioners there, such as the violence against practitioners in Flushing, NY and the case of French company Eutelsat turning off NTDTV’s transmission to China. It is in the evil’s nature to put up a last-ditch struggle before being disintegrated.

Some practitioners say, “Don’t give too much weight to the persecution.” My understanding about the reason why the persecution has not ended yet is that we haven’t put down our fear and attachment of life and death. We have wished that the persecution would stop as soon as possible because we fear enduring the suffering and hardship, rather than because we have put down our attachments to life and death. This is the way that we give too much weight to the persecution.

We are cultivating Dafa (the Great Law). No being is allowed to persecute Dafa. The Old Forces are not qualified to test Dafa disciples. Dafa cultivation is mainly based on elevating xinxing (heart, mind-nature) to higher levels, rather than bearing sufferings only. However, during the Olympic Games, many Dafa disciples put too much emphasis on the Olympic Games rather than other truth-clarification work for saving sentient beings. This was a loophole in the xinxing some Dafa disciples.

The Old Forces saw this loophole and used it as an excuse to test Dafa disciples’ xinxing to see how determined Dafa disciples are to believe in Dafa and Master.

This is also an excuse that the Old Forces have used to expand and escalate the persecution of Dafa disciples.

We are attached to the persecution and afraid of being persecuted. What the evil has done is to force us to give up cultivation. If we really have put down the attachment of life and death, the evil cannot find any excuse to persecute us.

The evil only targets people’s attachments. People who have no attachments at all will not become a target. I believe that the primary way for Dafa practitioners to stop the persecution is to always keep Dafa in mind and remove any attachment.

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