The Last Red Flower

By Yi Ming

PureInsight | October 6, 2008

[] On August 24, the closing day of the Beijing Olympics, a flame tree fell in the yard. This tree used to flourish, covering an area of about 100 square yards. However, without any advance warning, this tree suddenly came crashing down.

The flame tree is a beautiful plant. It blooms in late spring. When other flowers are withering, it starts to grow leaves. In late spring, about May or June, it has very eye-catching, red flowers on the very top of the tree. The flower looks like cockscomb or torch flower. In the fall, it has long pods. However, both the flowers and fruits are poisonous. Many things in the world are like this—they look attractive but are indeed poisonous.

It just fell down all of a sudden. In fact, this was some kind of sign. Normally, the flame tree’s flowers wither and fall by late June. But this year, the blossoms continued all summer, even up until the time it fell. It seems like it was not ready to die and even used its last life to show off its vanity.

I looked closely to examine the reason it fell. The roots were entirely rotten. It seems the attractive appearance was just to cover its rotten roots. It attempted to use its superficial appearance to extend its own life. But natural laws do not have exceptions. If a plant is rotten to its roots, its life cannot continue.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was very nervous during the period of the Olympic Games. Some people may think that this Olympic Games will boost the CCP. It fact, the CCP used to think this way as well. The reality, however, is that the last red flower was just to highlight its death.

Similarly, not long from now, many people around the world will witness the disappearance of communism. It may not even require a force from the outside, since is already rotten from the inside. Nothing can save it.

Here I would like to remind everyone to please stay away from anything related to communism. Do not wither together with it.

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