A Record of Reincarnation: Coming for the Fa

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | October 21, 2008

[PureInsight.org] How many people in this secular world can think about why they are here, especially at this critical moment? Why does the Youtan Poluo flower, which blossoms every three thousand years, blossom now? Why have the characters “Chinese Communist Party Collapses” naturally formed on a large stone in China? Why are there so many natural disasters and man-made calamities now? Why is life so fragile? Why? …

The following article can be understood by every person’s knowing side. However, after so many years of reincarnation, people’s true selves gradually get lost and they take the delusion and dirty things in this human world as the objects of their pursuit.

In this universe, there are numerous spaces beyond our perception. In those high-level spaces, the standard of living is much higher than that of our human space. Beyond the Three Realms, lives can keep their human body and do not need to reincarnate, and they can enjoy their happy life at that level forever. Certainly, beings cannot do what is not permitted according to the principles at that level or else they would be punished and sent down to a lower level.

At a very high level in this cosmos, there was one being who controlled all the original factors of the lives at his level. When Master came down from a higher level in order to save sentient beings and passed through his level, this being wanted to go with Master. At his level, he had the Taoist image with a very long beard. Because he was at a very high level, he had earned the respect of the beings at lower levels.

One time, when he was doing an important thing for the sentient beings at his level, there was an even more important thing that happened: Gods signed agreements with the Lord of Buddhas who would come down to the human world to spread the Fa.

That occasion was very remarkable and grand but very solemn.

Because this universe had deviated from the Fa, inducing and generating many rotten substances, selfishness, moral degradation, and the degradation of our environment, the results of letting this situation go on became unimaginable. With His great compassion, the Lord Buddha cherished all the sentient beings. So, when He asked who would like to go down to the human world with Him, numerous Gods (who used to be us) kneeled down and expressed their determination to go down with the Lord Buddha to save sentient beings. Countless Gods were moved to tears. For Gods, going down to the human world would mean the lowering of their levels. Sometimes, it meant that they might never have the chance to go back to their original level and this was the worst thing in the eyes of Gods. However, in order to save sentient beings, with their godly courage and facing the risk of losing all their godly supernormal abilities and everything, they signed the contract with the Lord Buddha to come down to this human world.

At that time, the Lord Buddha taught Fa for a very long time and made detailed arrangements. When the Lord Buddha said all the arrangements were going to finally be set, that high-level being came back. He understood what was happening and kneeled down to ask for permission to go down to the human world. The details of the Fa Rectification had been arranged and were difficult to change at that point. But this being was very important, so the Lord Buddha then looked at me and another God and nodded his head compassionately. I seemed to understand what it meant. This high-level being was indeed very happy when he finally got the permission.

With godly courage, numerous Gods gave up all their glory and came down to the human world. When they entered the three realms, they experienced persecution from low-level beings. At the same time, they forgot their original true selves and committed many wrong doings and generated a lot of karma. It is even more regretful that some of them committed terrible wrongs and have been destroyed.

In the human world, under the guidance of the Lord Buddha, these Gods created human culture and laid the foundation for the spreading of Fa. Taking myself as an example, I reincarnated as many famous historical figures (not all of them were reincarnated by my primordial spirit, and this is the reason that two or more people were often the same person in one life, i.e. because of the existence of primordial spirits and subordinate spirits). I also had direct or indirect relationships with some famous figures (by direct relationship, I mean my primordial spirit was that person, and by indirect relationship, I mean my primordial spirit was the subordinate spirit of that person or my subordinate spirit was that person’s primordial spirit).

For example, King Goujian of Yue slept on sticks and ate food suited for peasants, as well as forcing himself to taste bile. Xiang Zhuang did sword dancing in the Qin Han Dynasty. During the Three Kingdoms Period, Zhao Yun saved his master by sacrificing himself. In the Jin Dynasty, Zhu Di woke up in the morning upon hearing the crow of a rooster and practiced with a sword. I also used to be general Qin Qiong in the Sui Tang Period, Emperor Dai Zong, the eighth sister of General Yang’s House during the Song Dynasty, Yue Yun of the Yue family army, Marshal Xu Da in the Yuang and Ming Dynasties, the painter Tang Bohu and Shi Dakai during the late Qing Dynasty. I also reincarnated as a boy serving Shu Dongpo on his visit to Cibi and witnessed him write the poem “Cibi Fu.” Imperial bodyguards for Xin Qiji and Wen Tianxiang witnessed those scholars’ concern about their country and people.

I used to be a tribal chief in Kenya, Africa, a boatman in the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, an Eskimo in the North Pole and the assistant of General George Washington during the American War of Independence. That is why I am familiar with America. Actually, I also reincarnated as other famous figures both in China and in foreign countries, but I will not list them all here due to limited space.

That Taoist (that high-level being) experienced many kinds of tribulations. Later, he reincarnated to other countries after developing karmic relationships with the Lord Buddha in China. Most of the time, he reincarnated in Europe and North America. For example, in the life just prior to this one, he reincarnated as a founder of a kind of catering business. In my article “Karmic Relationship of Bohai,” I described my karmic relationship with him.

In reality, every sentient being in this human world came here for the Fa. At the beginning, they believed that this Fa could save both themselves and those numerous lives at their level and that this Fa could eliminate all impurities. That is the reason that the Master of Falun Gong told his disciples that they must clarify the truth. That is the reason that Dafa disciples would like to spend their money and time to tell you the truth compassionately, to let you know Falun Dafa is good and to help you withdraw from the evil Chinese communist party and its affiliated organizations. They are doing all this to save your life.

In order to help you remember the vow (of coming down to the human world and assimilating to the Fa) you made, and to arouse your conscience, these Falun Gong practitioners try their best (including the series of articles I am writing). Their purpose is to enable you to distinguish between truth and falsehood and choose a bright future for yourself, which was your wish when you came down.

At last, I want to share this poem I wrote in 2003:

Flying Back to the Universe

Flying with the lucky cloud
Cosmic sentient beings expecting your return
How much happiness and suffering
All being turned into unlimited compassion

I hope that everyone can learn the truth and make your own sensible choices.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/11/28/49596.html

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