Cultivation Diary: I Should Validate Dafa in My Daily Life

A Falun Dafa practitioner outside of China

PureInsight | October 27, 2008

[] Yesterday, a western co-worker told me, “You seem to be so busy these days and I find it hard to talk with you.” I said, “Yeah...” After talking with her, I looked within: indeed I have been very busy lately and isolating myself. Is this why someone came to tell me about it?

For a period of time prior to this, I had been paying attention to mingling with my co-workers and caring about them. But recently, I have been working on a lot of business projects and ignored my coworkers’ feelings. In addition, sometimes I felt it boring to chat with them, so I found excuses to keep a distance from them.

However, is this right? Isn’t it selfish?

Day after day, time flies by. One day, when everything is over, which one is going to be more important? My projects, or my coworkers? If I claim that I want to save sentient beings, but in reality I am cold to the people around me, what kind of mentality is that?

Today I observed my boss and compared the way he talked with my coworkers and the way I did, and I was greatly inspired. I realized that I had a feeling of inferiority, but I appeared to be very proud. Therefore, when I speak with my superiors, including my boss, I tend to be very careful. However, on the other hand, if I consider myself superior to the other party, I would show off or look down on them. In another words, I fluctuate between the two extremes of either being too careful or showing off, instead of getting along with others openly and nobly. I did not do well in cultivating “Truthfulness.”

Furthermore, because I'm careless, sensitive, and self-conscious, if I realized the other party is not as warm as I have expected, I would turn cold. If it is a Chinese co-worker, I would think it is because he or she does not understand the truth about Dafa and give myself an excuse to ignore them. In addition, because I am concerned about saving face, I normally won't take the initiative to approach others, and even when I say hello when running into someone, it is only out of courtesy but not caring. This is far from the state of “Compassion” that Dafa requires.

What would a genuine Dafa practitioner, who has wholeheartedly assimilated to “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” and devoted himself to validating Dafa and saving sentient beings, do in the human world?

Would he make his coworkers feel ignored for the sake of his projects? Would he keep a distance from others because of his fear or his showoff mentality? Or, would he keep himself from caring about others because of his suspicions or attachments?

In fact, as I understand it now, I should ask myself: if there is only one project, namely, to let every person who comes into contact with me see the beauty of Dafa from how I handle things, what will I do?

July 11, 2008

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