A Record of Reincarnation: A Benevolent Karmic Relationship Can Be Kindly Resolved

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | October 21, 2008

[PureInsight.org] A few days ago, a quiet little girl came across a very “sticky” situation.

She is a very adorable little girl, around ten years old, and wears glasses. According to her parents, she is very fond of one of her teachers at school and this teacher’s image is always in her mind. This already influences the girl’s daily study and life. Although there has been some improvement after continually studying the Fa, this influence still exists.

At the time I heard this, I had some other things that had to be done, so I just told this little girl that she had two good karmic relationships with her teacher in previous lives and this “sentimentality” left a very deep impression on her. Because she cultivates in this life, those rotten substances continuously strengthen this sentimentality, causing her to feel this way. No matter what happened before, those things are in the past, and we should not attach any importance to them, or else it will become a kind of interference! If we can cultivate well, all the things that happened in the past can be benevolently resolved. If we cannot cultivate well, no matter how wonderful and sacred our karmic relationship may be, that is still the past! Later, when we heard that the Yotan Poluo flower blossomed in her area, we went there again. When we left, I told them that I would write an article about the good karmic relationship between this little girl and her teacher. The story of this relationship is below.

By the end of the Sui Dynasty and the beginning of Tang Dynasty, around area that is currently Turpan, there was a small country. The king of that country had three daughters and one son. The eldest daughter is this little girl’s teacher and the son is this little girl in this lifetime. They had a fifteen year age difference then, so this eldest sister took care of her younger brother a lot, and she complied with his every wish. This boy grew up highly favored. His father was a very kind person and treated his people and subordinates very well. They lived a very easy and stable life. When the son was six years old, his eldest sister got married to the king of a neighboring country. He was very upset at first, but later he became better when his sister said she would come visit him in his country. By the time he was fifteen years old, his other sisters had also gotten married, and he visited his eldest sister quite often. They went to the mountains, rode horses, and had a very happy time together.

Later, his brother-in-law associated with some pretty and coquettish ladies and treated his eldest sister coldly. One day, a fellow called on the king, who claimed to be skilled at magic. He told the king that he could predict the future of the country and its fortunes and misfortunes. He told the king that he would have one tribulation: the queen would usurp the throne and would let her younger brother be the future king. The king didn’t believe him. But this person said, “Your facial complexion is very gray, which means you will encounter bad luck. Yesterday, a comet swept past this area, indicating that there will be a calamity in this country. Isn’t this an omen?!”

This king had no definite views of his own. After hearing this, he asked in a panic, “How can we avoid this problem?” This person said, “It is quite easy. You can just banish the queen, let her work in the countryside, and find a new queen.” Then the king indeed banished the queen, sent her to the mountains, didn’t allow her to tell anybody about this, and didn’t allow anybody to visit her, especially her younger brother.

Her younger brother knew nothing about what had happened. When he came to visit his sister, his brother-in-law lied to him saying that his sister was ill and told him to return to his country. Hence, he left alone.

One year later, his father punished his uncle’s younger son severely over a certain matter. His uncle was very resentful and killed the king along with other generals and usurped the throne. The son fled with some bodyguards, but later, those bodyguards were killed by pursuing soldiers. He was wounded very severely and his horse took him running away aimlessly. Coincidently, the horse took him across the border and he entered his brother-in-law’s country. They arrived at a mountain stream and the road went no further. The horse was very tired and fell down. The boy was in coma.

When he awoke, he found he was lying in the ‘bed’ of a farmer (this ‘bed’ was a structure made of stone and covered with leaves and dry grass). A woman was crying. He looked at her carefully and he found that it was his eldest sister. When he shouted her name, he fell into a coma again. In order not to disturb him, his sister let the neighbor care for him, and the neighbor told him that it had not been his sister that he had seen.

They knew not who divulged his location, but some soldiers soon came to capture him. The local people took pity on them and hid he and his sister in a cave. When he calmed down, his sister told him what had happened. He was very upset, but also very happy. He felt upset because of what he and his sister had suffered. He felt happy because he could see his sister again whenever he wanted. They didn’t care about the titles of queen and king. Under his sister’s watchful care, after ten months, he recovered, but his sister became sick after “burning the candle at both ends.”

Later, that person who had declared himself to be a skilled magician wanted to be the king. He first gained the trust of the king, and then led the king to become addicted to drinking and sex. Then he found some accomplices to kill the king and became the new king of that country.

When the boy heard the news, he took his sister away from there. At first, not knowing where to go, he later remembered that there was a country beside Tian Mountain, where a friend of his lived. They walked in that direction. Because his sister was very sick, they walked very slowly. After five or six days, he found that there was no more water in their flask. He went to look for water and when he came back, he found that his sister had died. He cried loudly.

At that moment, a very strong sandstorm came upon him and he perished under the sand.

At the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, they met each other in Yangzhou again.

During the Ming Dynasty, his family was in the business of transporting and selling salt. He was close friends with a neighboring girl (who is the little girl’s teacher in this life). Later, they got married. They were very affectionate and their neighbors all admired them.

At that time, because of not recognizing Manqing, there were a lot of protests. He asked all the businessmen in Yangzhou City to resist the Manqing. Later, all his family members were killed. It was spring and it was drizzling when he was killed. He cried and told his wife that she had been implicated because of him, however it was a worthy death because he had done an upright thing.

Because of limited space, I cannot describe all the things in this life in detail.

I hope that this little girl can break through this sentimentality.

Everything has its past history and consequences. Samsara is definitely true.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/9/9/48231.html

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