Cultivation Experience Sharing: Assimilating to the Fa

By a Dafa Practitioner outside of China

PureInsight | October 27, 2008

[] Today, I had a lot of new understandings about Dafa during group Fa study.

Recently, I felt that my Fa study and cultivation were not coming from the bottom of my heart. Even though I was still a cultivator at the surface level and still working on Dafa projects, I did a very sluggish job. My working efficiency was extremely slow. I felt that there was distance between Fa and myself.

After studying Fa more diligently, I realized that the root cause of this is whether I want to assimilate to the Fa or not. If I follow the Fa using my true thoughts, I will break through this gap. In other words, the distance was caused by the fact that I did not really want to assimilate to the Fa. Even though I was cultivating at the surface level, I did not really want to change myself fundamentally from the fundamental nature of my life. I changed it selectively. Therefore, I was taken advantage of by the evils.

Sometimes, when I face the complicated world, the things and the people around me, my mood was moved a lot. Especially when I did not study Fa enough, I did not know what to do. The day just slipped by ordinarily. After studying Fa, I realized that everything in front of me is what I have to face. This is the road I have to take. Don’t image the cultivation path. Don’t complain and have negative thoughts. In the current environment, with the same people, I have to do much better, break out from the old universe and enter into the new universe.

We need to improve ourselves during our cultivation. We have to consider other people’s levels of understanding when we clarify the truth to them. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the environment around us, but don’t make any conclusions using human notions. Otherwise, we will limit ourselves and also create difficulty for other people. Even though I know something, I still might not know the deeper reason behind it, as well as the complicated factors that came from the origin of its life. Therefore, I have to follow Dafa in any situation. Only then can I play a positive role and will things start to become better.

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