Perspectives on a Drop of Water

A Seattle Practitioner

PureInsight | September 4, 2001

The more I read Zhuan Falun and all of Master Li’s other texts, the more mysterious the immensity and size of the universe becomes. It’s infinity and volume is truly unfathomable in human language.

The stars seem so small because they are so far away. If we could get closer and closer, the stars would eventually become so huge that we cannot imagine their colossal dimensions. So it appears with Master Li’s analogy “…where cities are contained in a grain of sand; and are there three thousand grains of sand in that grain of sand...?” If one would magnify that grain of sand, one would indeed find cities there.

We are also told that the earth is in the middle of the universe and is simply a speck of dust among many bodies. Trying to make sense of that, and in human terms somehow grasp the hugeness of the universe, and to put all these concepts of vastness into somewhat of a humanly understandable perspective, I imagine the earth to simply represent one drop of water in the Pacific Ocean. That thought made me realize how insignificant we humans are. The only way we have available to us to rise above such insignificance is to remain true cultivators of Zhen, Shan, Ren, to follow the tenets set forth therein, which will give us the chance to go home, to return to the place of our origin. Once we have arrived there, then, maybe then, we might be given a chance to glimpse how magnificent the universe really is.

This is my present level of understanding. Please point out my misconceptions and criticize what I have written.

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