A Sequel to “Only an Angel Can Have Such a Miracle Happen”

Yi Zhu

PureInsight | March 30, 2009

[PureInsight.org] Long ago, after my husband (the author of "Only an Angel Can Have Such a Miracle Happen") finished the fifth exercise of Falun Dafa, he told me that Master's fashen had taken him to another dimension. Master's fashen told him that the last time he was shot, Master used his hand to shield my husband's chest. The bullet penetrated Master's hand and hit the bullet-proof vest. Therefore, the vest had Master’s energy left on it. That would explain why the manufacturer didn't know what the material on the armor was and why they couldn't even cut a sample from it as it was so hard.

Master told my husband that quite a bit of karma was eliminated in that last incident. Of course, it was Master who bore the karma for my husband and thus there was only a little bit left for my husband to eliminate. Ever since then, he no longer feels any pain when he does the sitting meditation.

Master also told my husband of his origin. Master once said that in the future my husband would know who he was, but he also advised him to consider others first and not pursue fame or show off. Master asked him to always remember that his life was prolonged only to practice cultivation.

Master told him to control his thoughts so that my husband could cultivate the supernatural ability to control the enemy without using guns and bullets. My husband has a world-record in firearms and ammunition that no one has been able to break. His coworkers regard him as superman. However my husband knew very well that his skill couldn’t be achieved by anything learned from the ordinary world. My husband had this supernatural ability ever since he was a child. However, he now knows that all his abilities were given to him by Master and only for the Fa Rectification period. I always remind my husband to send forth righteous thoughts more often so that we could eliminate the evil together with the Dafa disciples all around the world.

I had a dream shortly after I got married. In the dream, Master asked me to pick up a high-level monk from Tibet at the train station. So I ran to the station. Suddenly, I realized I didn’t know what the monk’s name was, what he looked like or what he would be wearing. So I ran back to the classroom. Many fellow practitioners in that room had already left. One practitioner told me Master hadn’t come here and Master didn’t ask anyone to pick up anybody. I replied, “No, Master asked me to do that. I must accomplish it. I will pick him up even though I don’t know who he is.” So I left. On the way I ran into a group of practitioners beating drums and striking gongs. Along with them was a high-level monk sitting in the car wearing a kasaya. He was my husband. He obtained the Fa through me. Now we are both walking on the path of validating the Fa. Occasionally, we quarreled. In the dream, Master enlightened me to the importance of harmonizing the family.

Recently, my husband was saved by Master one more time. When he was doing an experiment with dangerous material, there was a leakage. Two minutes after my husband left the lab, his coworker was killed by an explosion. The day before, my husband had introduced Dafa to him, and he said he would like to learn. But when my husband was about to teach him the Falun Dafa exercises, he was called away for something. Who could know that the next day he would be killed? This shows how difficult it is to obtain the Fa. We should spread the Fa as soon as possible. At the scene of the incident, everything was destroyed by the explosion except the area surrounding my husband’s desk. In other words, even if my husband was there, he would have survived. It seems he has double insurance. Before the incident happened, Master had arranged for him to leave the scene. Ever since this happened, as soon as my husband leaves the lab, his coworkers leave right away as well. They say that as long as my husband is with them, they would dare to sit on an atom bomb. They were just kidding; seeds have been planted in them to obtain the Fa in the future.

Many fellow practitioners became curious about my husband’s experience, so they often come to ask us questions. My husband was in a dilemma: on one hand, he didn’t want to lie; on the other hand, he doesn’t like to talk about himself. Fellow practitioners, please trust Dafa and Master, and don’t put my husband on a pedestal. Please don’t introduce or promote my husband in front of others. It is helpful for my husband’s cultivation and for his safety. Actually, every practitioner has a special background and holds up the grand vow he/she made before history. Make every effort to do the three things well. Everything is encompassed in the Fa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/1/28/57470.html


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