Opening Remarks at 2009 U.S. West Falun Dafa Sharing Conference

PureInsight | March 27, 2009


It happened ten years ago, on the very same day,
On the west coast, a very clear and bright day.
Rising in the dawn was the new cosmos, whereas
Falling into disintegration were the old forces.

After numerous generations and reincarnations,
Undergoing countless years of suffering and hardship,
Fellow practitioners passed all these examinations,
Just to reconnect this sacred pre-destined relationship.

On that very day, Benevolent Master came to lecture to us. With his vast Buddha's grace, he enlightened our eternal wisdom. As the confusion in our minds began to dissolve, the endless karma has been transformed into pure gong with our cultivation.

The ultimate principles of Zhen, Shan, Ren revealed to us all the mysteries about life and the universe, guiding millions of people to walk on the path back to one's origin and true self. Countless beings of the universe were shocked by the immense mighty virtue of Master. Layers after layers of cosmoses were to be renewed. The life or death of sentient beings was but a matter of a thought.

Steadfastly, Dafa Disciples take on the path of cultivation, the path of helping Master to rectify the Fa, and the path of saving sentient beings. With an unbreakable mind, we are ready to face any challenge.

Ten years later on February 21, 2009, we are here again. Looking back, these tens years feel like an instant. Master said in “Touring North America to Teach the Fa” in March 2003, “Actually, the Fa-rectification is moving very fast. Outside the cosmic body, everything of the new cosmos can be created as quickly as the wave of a hand. ... But, have you thought about something? In some places hundreds of millions of years have already passed while this wave takes place. ... Think about it, everyone, at this fast speed it amounts to nothing in light of the entire history of your existence, or the eternity of your existence. In the future, when you look back on this period of time [you'll find that] it was only an instant, that it was nothing.”

Looking back on these ten years, tremendous changes have been happening, during the spreading of Dafa, during the Fa-rectification of the universe, in the Three Realms, in the different time spaces of layers of cosmoses. It's been ten years for us to help Master to rectify the Fa in the human world, to eliminate the evil persecution of the evil CCP, the representatives of the Old Forces. It's been ten years for us to clarify the truth and save the sentient beings.

Over these ten years, compassion wipes out evils, more sentient beings have been saved, and the glory of Dafa has been shining over the human world.

Looking back on these ten years, Disciples have been firmly practicing Dafa and closely following Master. Facing the evil persecution, Disciples have been using every means to clarify the truth, from word of mouth, to handing out flyers, to publishing newspapers, to producing radio networks, to making websites, to broadcasting TV programs. Ten years later, with his wave of a hand, Master renders us the Divine Performing Arts. Using the art forms of Gods and Buddhas, he presents on stage the history of Gods and human kind. The shining truths shocked the human world, shocked the divine beings, and shocked the boundless universe.

How long the history of civilization goes,
How many times does the curtain open and close.
Rectifying the cosmos with a wave of his palm,
Upon finishing, Master looks at ease and calm.
He set the path of cultivation for disciple,
Within ten years, He saves millions of people.
Looking up at the new cosmos and universe,
All the wonders beyond the limit of any verse.

Today, we Disciples in the Western U.S. are looking back as well as looking forward, at the path to help Master to rectify the Fa, regardless of how many decades it may take. No matter how many decades it will take, we will practice diligently as if it were just an instant. No matter how short the period may be, we will maintain our righteous thoughts and righteous actions, take the right path, study the Fa better, send forth righteous thoughts, save the countless sentient beings, and walk toward consummation.

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