Stories of Reincarnation: A Month at Work

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 13, 2009

[] A few years ago, my wife and I just got married and moved to a new province. We were very short of cash, so we worked at a glass factory for a month.

I had been puzzled by a few things in that factory. For example, people nearby all knew that the factory was having financial difficulty and trouble paying salaries, but there were still many people who came to work there, despite there being opportunities at other places nearby. Another odd thing was that the workers there seemed to have lots of trouble with those from Hebei Province, not just because of cultural differences; it seemed as if they had hundreds of years of bad blood. In the end, the director of the factory always got help when the factory fell into hopeless financial situations. As they put it, the director was blessed!

To speak fairly, the director was quite nice to my wife and me. Although he couldn’t pay our salaries all at once, he paid it all little by little upon our request. But he was very upset at our departure.

Recently, when I was talking about these things with someone, I had some visions and all my questions were answered.

Today, amidst the global economic downturn, many manufacturing entities are not doing well, and there must be all kinds of things happening. Therefore, I’d like to share my stories and hope people will be inspired.

Back in the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 A.D.), on the mountain located at today’s border between Liaoning Province and Inner Mongolia, a gang of bandits once lived, headed by a fat chief (his last name is Ni, and is the director of the factory in this lifetime). The chief was not bad in nature. He used to be a wealthy councilor. But, bullied by the local government officials, he had no choice but to abandon his home and lead his male servants to the mountain. He recruited some young men and his group became a gang of bandits.

As bandits, needless to say, they killed people. Although they tried to kill only bad people, sometimes by mistake they killed good people too. For example, one day they went to rob an official at home, who was being visited by a handful of poor relatives at the time. The relatives were all honest people, but the bandits killed them too.

Of course, the bandits also provided much help to the poor.

I was a scholar in that lifetime; when in my 30s, I was seeking shelter, along with my little sister who was about sixteen. We ran into the bandits. It just so happened that they needed someone who could write, so they took us to the mountain. The talent-loving chief was very nice to me, but I didn’t want to settle down there because, after all, it was the bandits’ lair! I wanted to leave, but they watched me so closely that I wasn’t able to leave for twenty years, until one day when a wandering monk passed by. I wanted to become a monk as soon as I saw him. The monk begged the chief for me. The chief saw that my mind was made up, so he reluctantly let me and my sister go.

We left the mountain and followed the monk to a cave and practiced cultivation. Finally, our Assistant Spirits succeeded in cultivation, but our Main Spirits had to continue the cycle of reincarnation. I will not elaborate about these.

Therefore, today, the people who were willing to work in that factory despite that the director could not pay them salaries, and those who helped him at crucial moments, all had benefited from him in past lives. The troubles between the local workers and those from Hebei Province perhaps are due to the killings in that lifetime. The director’s getting upset about our departure is also caused by our predestined relationship.

Instead of happening for nothing, everything in the human world happens for a reason. I wish you to live more knowingly in the maze.

This concludes my bit of sharing.

March 20, 2009

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