Change of One Thought

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] Mu Baocheng was physically weak. In his own words, he did not have much inner strength. Winter was the hardest time for him to endure. His hands and feet had frostbite every winter. When it was severe, all ten fingers had purple-black wounds and scars throughout the winter. Not only him, but his brother was also like that. Mu Baocheng tried soaking his hands and feet in ginger water or hot pepper water, as well as rubbing them with garlic or chilblain lotion. But none of these worked.

He went to search medical references and found the chilblain mechanism of action remained unclear. It might involve sensitivity of skin or blood vessels to cold. It could also be related to functional disturbance of the vegetative nerve, as well as genetic reasons. It was hard to find a cure since it is not clear in the medical field. It continued like this year after year for dozens of years.

One day, someone introduced him to Falun Gong and he started to practice. When winter arrived, although he found his hands and feet still injured, it was less severe than in previous years. He was thinking: why did my hands and feet still have injury after practicing Falun Gong? One morning in the freezing winter when doing the exercises, he felt very cold and hard to endure. He was thinking of putting his hands down and putting them in his pockets to warm them up.

Suddenly, one thought came across his mind: isn’t it a human notion to be afraid of cold? Cultivation is to let go of human notions. Miraculously, after that thought emerged, he no longer felt cold. Not only that, after finishing doing the exercises, he surprisingly found that his swollen hands had gone back to normal. It was indeed a miracle.

Later, his brother also started to practice Falun Gong. Winter is no longer a difficult time for them.

March 1, 2009

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