Cultivation Insight: Walk Our Righteous Cultivation Path Firmly

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 7, 2009

[] On New Years Day, my wife and I went to visit some practitioners in another city. After I shared experiences with those practitioners, I came to a new understanding on an issue, namely, how to deal with our own cultivation and the mistakes we have made during cultivation.

I think that since we cultivate in the human world, we inevitably make mistakes, which is normal. Even though human attachments were taken advantage of by the evil, such that some practitioners made mistakes and had an affair with another man or woman, I think that as long as we can realize it, move forward and handle things correctly from then on, then those stains could be washed out. If we get stuck in regret forever, isn’t it another attachment? Isn’t it also interference? Also, when you make mistakes, and other practitioners don’t understand and look down on you, you should not keep it in mind too heavily. After all, you have already made the mistake. We need to be clear about one thing: we are cultivating in the human world in order to go beyond the world, not to earn praises from others.

If we make a mistake, we just need to correct it. Regarding how others look at that thing or whether they can understand, that is not what is important. While we do things, we need to meet the requirements of Dafa and meet the requirements from Master! For example, if others think we are no longer qualified to cultivate because we made such a mistake, should we just quit cultivation? Do we cultivate for their opinions or attachments?

On the other hand, since many practitioners have negative opinions about you, why not just make every effort on your cultivation and treat it as a motivation to cultivate diligently?

“Persevering, lifting the feet, the ten-thousand-pound legs,
Forbearing hardships, advancing whole-heartedly, discarding attachments;”
(Hong Yin [Translation B], “Climbing the Tai Mountains”).

Perhaps it is the right time to get rid of the attachment to fame. When our xinxing improves, the environment around us will change accordingly. Because Master said: “Buddha’s light illuminates everywhere, propriety and justice are perfected and illuminated.” After we cultivate mighty compassion and solemn dignity, anything around that is not righteous will be corrected by the power of our righteous thoughts!

Lastly, I would like to say, as a Dafa practitioner, our main consciousness should predominate. If you trip and fall, just pick yourself up and move forward immediately. The time is really limited! If we can regard everything that happens during cultivation as a good thing and utilize each opportunity for cultivation, won’t we make progress quickly?

These are just my personal understandings and are for your reference only.

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