A Scene From a Dream: I Came to Save People


PureInsight | April 13, 2009

[PureInsight.org] I had a dream ten years ago, not long after I started to practice Falun Dafa. Although such a long time has passed, I am often in tears when I think about it.

In the dream, I was standing in an attic in another dimension watching my husband. He was dressed in ancient clothing and wearing a square scarf, and his hair was braided in the back. Living by a mountain and river, he was enjoying a relaxed life in the countryside. At dusk, he came back from the fields happily together with other peasants, carrying a hoe over his shoulder. After seeing him walking outside the window, I suddenly realized there was danger ahead. I called out to him but he could not hear me. I ran to a side window and called to him loudly. He still could not hear me. I went to the back of the attic because I knew the danger came from there and called to him again. He then disappeared from right in front of me. I didn’t know what had happened. Although I knew that the three back windows in the attic were frozen tight, I still hurried there. To my surprise, the ice had melted and I pushed open one window. I was shocked by the scene in front of me. My husband had fallen into a sea of snow. I called to him as loudly as I could, but only saw him sink further and disappear. Only a large sea of snow and ice was left.

I was in great sorrow and cried out loudly. Then I woke up, still crying. My husband was in another room sleeping soundly. I knew the dream was real in another dimension. That is probably why we came here. We came here to save our relatives. Although they are lost in a maze, we are clear minded and we have to fulfill our prehistoric vow to save our relatives. When the calamity does come, we will not have the opportunity any more. Seeing relatives by our side being eliminated, we will be very regretful. We did not just come here in vain. We descended here after many rounds of reincarnation and lots of suffering. We came here just to obtain the Fa and save sentient beings. We do not even know how many relatives we have had after so many reincarnations. Many people around us could be our relatives from the past. Only we can save them so that they will have a future. Remember the song, “Coming for You?”:

“Coming from far away,
Again and again, I come for you...”

As practitioners, we need to walk well the cultivation path arranged by Teacher. Only after assimilating to Dafa and cultivating ourselves well can we save our relatives. With compassion and consideration, we will surely be able to save them. If we miss this opportunity, it will not come again. I would like to conclude my article with Teacher's poem, “Saving the Colossal Firmament”:

“From antiquity ‘til now, never has it been so—
The future will see Heaven and Earth last forever
In the vast firmament, reaching to time immemorial
Who dares to descend once more”
(Saving the Colossal Firmament)

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/3/7/58217.html


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