See Through the Illusion

Tian Wai Ke

PureInsight | April 13, 2009

[] I met a fellow practitioner a while ago. I saw ringworms on his arm. He said the ringworms were itchy and painful. This left an impression on me. Days later, I felt itchy on my foot. When I looked at the skin, I saw red patches that looked similar to the ones the fellow practitioner had. Then, I had many human thoughts: "Am I infected? Do I have the same infection as his?" Although those thoughts were weak, I recognized them and cleared them out. From ordinary people's perspectives, it is normal that a person is infected by skin disease. However, as Dafa practitioners, we need to look at things according to the Fa all the time. Cultivators don't have illness because their bodies carry pure righteous energy that illnesses dare not enter into. If you think you are infected, that is equal to you asking for the illness. At the beginning, some "illness" symptom may show up, which is to remind you that your mind must be righteous. If you don't get it, and you let your attachment keep growing, that may really cause you to become ill. Actually, this is an illusion that is transformed to get rid of your attachment.

From the perspective of cultivation, human eyes can easily cause illusions when looking at things. As people focus more and more on the superficial reality, they can't see through the "mystery" in the secular world. In human society, what people can see and touch is a concrete manifestation. Who would say it is an illusion? That's because people have already developed many human notions, such as "seeing is believing," and those old notions have already become natural to people. Why do we say that what human eyes see is illusory? From the perspective of cultivation, everything in society is arranged by gods, and it is already there in another dimension. When a person starts to cultivate Falun Dafa, Master will rearrange that person’s life. Master mentioned that he did an experiment with scientists. Master rearranged the molecular combination of a small aluminum film. As a result, the film then contained several other metal elements. It is like there is no material matter here. Higher lives can use microcosmic particles to compose the layer of bigger particles. When this is reflected in our dimension, it is a physical object. In human words, it is "evolution." The human eyes stabilize things in this physical dimension to form what we now call "reality."

Don't get confused by the illusions in society; perhaps the phenomenon is transformed to aim at your attachment. It mirrors your state of mind. There is no such thing as an ‘accidental thing’ that happens to a cultivator. Since it is just uncertain illusion, why would we pay attention to the uncertain illusion?

Please kindly point out any of my understandings that are not in line with the Fa.

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