Cultivation Insight: My Understandings Regarding Writing Articles on Cultivation

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] While I was in my hometown, every time when practitioners delivered "Zhengjian Weekly Edition" or "Minghui Weekly Edition," they always talked about who wrote an article in this edition, who didn't, or whose articles they liked to read, etc. In my current town, I have heard pretty much the same talk from practitioners.

When I noticed that it was always the same several people who wrote articles for "Zhengjian," I felt sad.

In the vast universe the forms of beings are many and varied. Therefore, the different beings understandings on cultivation would have to be different too. A small group of practitioners' understandings can't cover the immense group of lives. So why don't we record those lives and characteristics by writing?

Why do we always read others' experience sharings? Isn't it because it’s voluntary and isn’t "asked for"? On a lighter note, this is being lazy and seeking a ready-made shortcut. That doesn't work! Thinking about it carefully, isn't it selfishness? Why don’t we write our own experiences and share them with others? Isn't that selflessness?

My words might be harsh, however isn’t it true if we think about it carefully? Yesterday when I was searching for an article online, I suddenly realized that being the editors of those web sites is not an easy job. How much pressure must they endure! I had never thought of this before.

Perhaps you might say that you don't know how to write or you are not good at writing. Actually, these are just human notions! In fact, in my personal opinion, writing is just another way to communicate with others. It might just be that we haven’t gotten used to writing. After you share your experiences with others and you feel enlightened or inspired, you can write down those experiences. With some polishing you have an article. It’s just as simple as that. The goal of the writing is to make others understand what you are talking about. After you write more and more, you will develop your own writing style and characteristics.

Our websites like Minghui and Zhengjian are the platforms for us to share our experiences. Why don't we make good use of them and contribute to them? Not to mention that many practitioners who came down vowed to validate the Fa by writing. Why not fulfill our vows well now?

Yes, it is true that writing articles is just one way to validate the Fa, and there are many other ways. My point here is that if more practitioners can realize the importance of writing articles, our websites would have more wonderful articles and our whole body would be more powerful, and as a result, it will help us to cultivate and save more sentient beings!

This is just my personal understanding and for your reference only.

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