Reflections on Life: Doing Good is Like Climbing a Mountain, Doing Evil is Like Being Caught in a Landslide

Guan Ming

PureInsight | April 20, 2009

[] When I was a kid, my mom taught me: "It’s easy for one to learn bad things, but difficult to learn good things. Moreover, once a person learns bad things, it is more difficult for them to learn good things." I didn't really understand her words at the time. After I grew up, I gradually learned that in order to be a good person, sometimes one needs to give up their self-interest. Bad people in the human world have no scruples. They regard harming others to benefit themselves as a universally accepted principle. If we look at this world without foresight, it seems that good people always suffer losses while bad people profit at the expense of other people whenever they can. However, five years or ten years later, if we look at those good and bad people again, it will be a totally different situation. In short, "good will be rewarded and evil will be punished." Good people do good and accumulate virtue, so they generally live longer. Although they may not be rich in material wealth, they are carefree and broad-minded. Even if they run into danger, sometimes in the end their bad luck is turned into good. People who do all kinds of evil, however, are punished at different times. They either run into unexpected calamities and get killed, or die from an incurable disease without any chance to regret.

"Doing good is like climbing a mountain, doing evil is like being caught in a landslide" is from “Guo Yu – Zhou Yu Xia” by Zuo Qiuming. If you think of this sentence from a higher level, when people do good and accumulate virtue, their moral standard keeps rising. Although it is as difficult as climbing a mountain, their moral standard does indeed move up toward nobleness and brightness. Evil people are the opposite. The result of doing evil and helping a tyrant to victimize his subjects will only lead a person to their ruin. Their fate is just like a landslide, going towards the bad and getting worse rapidly. In fact, whether to do good or to do evil comes down to just a single thought. Therefore, whether to do good or evil is our own decision. The ancients said: "Don't do an evil thing just because it is small and don't skip doing a good thing just because it is small." All the saints in ancient times regarded preaching goodness as their responsibility. They patiently persuaded people to do good. That's because they really cared about people's future. Only evil people stir up people's hatred, set one party against another and sometimes even force people to do bad things.

Looking at China today, a lot of people have been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). They indulge themselves in eating, drinking and playing in a quite uninhibited manner, forgetting about the matter of life and death. They don't care about conscience and neither do they listen to others' earnest advice. Some even regard others' good advice as not worthy of serious consideration and call the police to arrest those who give kind advice. However, what they don't know is that the only way to be saved is to do good. The result of rejecting kindness is definitely hopelessness. In the last sixty years, the CCP has maintained power using lies and violence. It killed eighty million Chinese people in the last several decades. If you calm down and think about it, it is easy to differentiate between good and evil. Whoever is or once was a member of CCP or its affiliated organizations must renounce the Party publicly in order to abandon the evil ways and follow goodness. Whether to be good or evil, this single thought will decide one's future. One who does good will have a bright future while one who does evil will be eliminated. This reward or punishment are done without the slightest error, as the heavenly principles are the most fair and righteous!

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