Cultivation Experience: Thoughts After Seeing a Big Tree Destroyed by Wind in a Dream

A Dafa Practitioner Outside of China

PureInsight | May 4, 2009

[] 1. For various reasons, I often do Fa-study and the exercises after my child has gone to sleep. Yesterday night, however, soon after I started to do the meditation, my child woke up and I had to put him back to sleep. So I planned to sleep and continue the exercises after waking up again. However, when I woke up again, it was time to send forth righteous thoughts in the morning. Although I woke up, I did not get up but went back to sleep.

Then I had a dream. In the dream, there was a strong wind blowing. The wind not only destroyed some houses, but also pulled up a big tree—one that was at least a decade old—all the way from its roots. It was so violent that a big pit was left where the tree roots used to be. Although there were some younger trees nearby, they seemed to remain intact.

The scene in the dream was very clear, so I was still thinking about it after I woke up. My first thought was: “Although I have cultivated for more than 10 years, when I was unable to be strict with myself, some losses—at least in certain aspects—were so great that all my efforts earlier could have been in vain.”

Therefore, on the path of cultivation, we cannot rely on what we have done in the past. If we start to think about relaxing a bit because of things we have achieved in the past, we are putting ourselves in great danger.

2. I have to write some protocols or reports at my workplace. They are often reviewed by several people who send them back and forth giving comments, so it normally takes days or even weeks to complete one report. Therefore, often many drafts are completed for each document until one version is finally approved and becomes effective.

Today, I had to write a new document and needed some past files to complete it. When opening the relevant folders, I saw that very often there were more than ten different versions of each document. I had a mixed feeling about this. When I had been in the process of revising the documents, every change seemed critical. Today, however, these earlier versions are no longer important because only the final version—the one that was approved and implemented—will be viewed and referenced by others.

This is similar to cultivation. Very often I am attached to different human notions, and have strong feelings when someone seems to not treat me well or fairly. In fact, all these will not be important in the future. After the Fa-rectification period is over, you are whoever you are, and the number of sentient beings you have saved cannot be changed.

Therefore, we should not be hindered by human notions, since doing so will limit what we can do during the Fa-rectification period. We also should stop being attached to how badly others treat us, whether it was in the past or at present, because the purpose of those complex situations was for us to overcome them with righteous thoughts.

Without human notions and by always keeping the Fa in our heart, we will be clear on what we are doing and will be able to walk the path well.

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