Climb Over the Mountain in the Heart

Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 27, 2009

[] When a conflict occurs between Dafa practitioners, if one side can look inside seriously or take the initiative to talk to the other side, then the conflict can be resolved immediately. The worst thing that could happen is if both sides insist on their own understandings and don't give in; both believe they have ample Fa principles to support their position. As a result, their attachments and human notions are hidden deeply in the heart. As time goes by, it develops into a mountain—a mountain of resentment, complaint, and selfishness. Sometimes it doesn't seem very obvious. On the surface it may be just that you don't like to talk to him, or don't like to listen to him, or you are not pleased to see him. Compared to communicating with other practitioners, it seems like there is only a little bit of difference. However, actually that's the difference between human beings and divine beings; that’s the fundamental difference between the new universe and the old universe.

What happened between me and fellow Practitioner A was just like this.

Several years ago I had some arguments with Practitioner A (nothing but who's right and who's wrong). If, at that time, I could have looked inside seriously, it wouldn't have become a bigger knot in my heart later. One day, we argued again. He got another practitioner to take sides against me, and I was deeply hurt. I was very depressed for several days after that. Now, when I look back, my feeling at that time was caused by my attachments of selfishness and being competitive that were touched upon, but I didn't look inside. From then on, I decided to take no notice of Practitioner A. Although I still met him occasionally, I just smiled and never argued with him again. When he shared his experiences, I always thought to myself: "What I enlightened to is righteous! His realm is far behind mine."

As I studied Fa more and more and improved myself, I felt stronger and stronger that it was time to untie the knot in my heart. When I sent righteous thoughts, I added one strong thought: "Disintegrate the substance of resentment against Practitioner A! Completely negate the gap arranged by the old forces." Although I felt the substance was getting thinner and thinner, the root still existed. More importantly, I couldn't exchange experiences with him sincerely and kindheartedly. I couldn't break through it. Every time when I wanted to move further, it seemed a strong force pulled me back. As a result, I always said to myself: "I will do it next time. Take it gradually." So the situation kept going on like this.

One day, Practitioner B invited me for dinner at a restaurant. After I walked in, I saw Practitioner A was also there and realized the dinner was only for the three of us. Right at that moment, my resentment and other human notions all jumped out. My heart was beating fast, and I felt in my dimension something that was not righteous pressed on me. But I also realized that it was time to untie the knot with Practitioner A. So, I calmed down and sent forth strong righteous thoughts to clean up myself and also asked for help from Master to reinforce my righteous thoughts. I made up my mind to pass the test well this time.

Practitioner A said: "In the past, I was a person who liked arguing with others and could hardly give in. After I studied Fa more and improved myself, I let this go a lot. One time when I sat in meditation, I was in ding (state of tranquility—concentration). I felt my universe was so pure and beautiful. That state was so wonderful! I couldn't even remember my wife or my kid next to me. I felt everything in this human world was like a faraway dream. Later, I came out of ding due to the pain in my legs. I felt this ‘reality’ seemed real again. Ever since then, my attachment of being competitive was gone." I was moved by his words. Behind my calm face was my grievance against him, while every word from Practitioner A was from the bottom of his heart, so sincere and pure that I almost burst into tears. I asked him a question: "Why does the evil still exist after we have been sending forth righteous thoughts for such a long time?" Practitioner A said: "Yes, I had the same question before. Later, I had a dream that I was embroidering a beautiful lotus flower. Every time when I sent forth righteous thoughts, a stitch was put on the cloth. Every stitch was serious. Now the embroidery is almost done." I felt his dream also enlightened me.

We came all the way through history up to today. At different historical times, we developed different karmic bonds of indebtedness as well as resentments. However, the old forces took advantage of these and stirred up conflicts between practitioners. As a result, this prevented practitioners from forming one whole body. To achieve this, they made each practitioner emphasize himself and show how he is righteous. This is the fundamental characteristic of the beings in the old universe. I had known Practitioner A for many years, and I always thought he was not diligent in clarifying the truth, spreading the Fa or saving sentient beings. During this conversation, I learned more about his diligent side, which I didn't know. He told me that once he went to a gas station to pump gas, and a female worker at the gas station was interested in a plum blossom inside his car. After they talked, Practitioner A found that she was also a Dafa practitioner who had been forced to drift about in society for almost 10 years. She had only one book with her—Zhuan Falun. Practitioner A immediately gave her his MP3 player, which had all of Master's lectures on it. That female practitioner was in tears.

During the conversation, each of the stories that Practitioner A told untied the knots in my heart one by one. I knew nearly nothing about his diligent past. I only paid attention to his shortcomings on the surface, and I remembered them forever. Actually, when I thought carefully, all these years, the number of practitioners who I met was around several dozen. Among those practitioners, somewhat complicated conflicts happened quite often. Without Dafa and Master's help, it would be impossible to climb over the mountains of attachment and human notions in my heart.

After this conversation, Practitioner B talked to me, saying: "You know what? I felt the experience sharing between you and Practitioner A was very sincere and pure. The energy field was very good. We truly formed one whole body." Another practitioner with his celestial eye open said: "Master saw that you guys sat down, shared experiences sincerely, and untied the knots in your hearts. Master was so happy! I was moved to tears when I saw Master's smiling face."

The reason I wrote this article is to share with other practitioners who are in a similar situation as mine. Don't let the attachment last too long; don't let Master worry about you. It is time for all Dafa practitioners to form one whole body.

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