A Practitioner from China

PureInsight | September 3, 2001

Since I became a university student, I’ve had frequent dreams. Most of them came true. They were of different types, some of them predicted something directly and some of them only gave a hint. After a long time, I was able to figure out some rules from them.

I remember once I dreamed that I went to hospital on the first National Day, the morning after I started working. I did not show any symptoms of being sick at the time. I thought: “Today something might happen, can I alter this predestination?” From previous experiences, I knew it could hardly be altered at all. I decided to stay close to home to keep this event from happening. So, I tried to go to the movie theater across the street to watch a movie and kill time. I also sent a silent prayer to a Bodhisattva asking for her blessing the same as an everyday person would.

I lived in a single-story house and had a big yard. The sewage was a little bit blocked around that period and water had spread out all over the place. Someone had put boards on top of some bricks to keep from walking on the wet ground. When I walked on the boards, I felt a sharp pain in my foot. When I looked down, I saw a big nail was stuck in my foot. The nail had gone through my sneaker. The pain made me cry out. I pulled out the nail; I found the nail was sticking out of the board by 2cm and was covered with blood. I hobbled back to the house and took off my shoes and socks. I saw a hole in my foot and it was bleeding. I thought, “I was not able to avoid this after all. Is a human’s life predefined?” I got angry with this and decided that I must alter this rule. I decided not to go to hospital to see what would happen. I lasted until that evening when I couldn’t walk any more. When my mother came to visit me, she sent me to ER. When she registered me in the hospital, it seemed like the scene in my morning’s dream… (I had not begun cultivation at that time.)

Of course, people who are aware of Fa [law or principle] will understand this. I shared this with a practitioner who was a classmate at the technical college that I attended. She also had a lot of similar experiences. We feel that Master Li has always looked after us, even before we obtained the Fa. This type of dream is his way to prevent us from being too attached to an everyday person’s life. Because of our own experiences, when we first encountered the Fa, it would be easier for us to obtain the Fa.

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