Udumbara Flowers Found in the Homes of Changchun and Guiyang Practitioners (Photos)

Yang Guang

PureInsight | December 2, 2009


Udumbara Flowers Found in Falun Dafa Practitioner’s Homes in the Changchun Area

On the morning of August 28, 2009, a Dafa practitioner in the countryside of the Changchun area spotted a white cluster of pointy things growing on the root of a corn stem about ¾ of an inch above the ground when he was brushing his teeth in the courtyard. He thought that they were possibly the Udumbara flowers that have appeared around the world. It was the time to send forth righteous thoughts. After finishing sending righteous thoughts, he examined them carefully and then called over his family, who are also Dafa practitioners. They confirmed that they were indeed the Udumbara flowers. According to legend, Udumbara flowers appear every three thousand years.

The cluster had about 36 or more flowers. The flowers were swaying with the wind slightly in different patterns as the wind blew. The diameters of the flowers were about 1/32 of an inch. Their milky-white color was slightly transparent. The stems were thinner than a strand, like the fine hair on human arms. The white stems were about ¾ of an inch long.

He didn’t know how long those flowers had been growing there. Because of frequent watering, the corn stalks and the Udumbara flowers were dotted with mud. He found that some of the flowers were attached to the corn stalk when he was taking photos. Flowers straightened up again after he touched them with his finger, as the flowers' stems were resilient. Two flowers dropped off, but the flowers and stems were still connected.

Villagers admired the miraculous Udumbara flowers. They looked just like the Udumbara flowers they saw in the Shen Yun Performing Arts show.

Udumbara Flowers in Full Bloom in the Home of a Guiyang Dafa Practitioner

In June 2009, Udumbara flowers were found on the window of a Guiyang Falun Dafa practitioner. On August 13, the practitioner asked others to take photos of the pure and beautiful flowers.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2009/9/4/61456.html


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