An Understanding of the Human Body

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | January 25, 2010

[] I am in a quiet park on an island. There are many trees here that are tall and green. With the tide coming and going, I can hear the sounds of the sea in harmony with the wind. I sit down, calm my mind and begin to understand the deep meaning of life.

Looking at people passing by, I feel a calmness that takes me far from this earthly realm. At this moment, I feel no connection to my human body. My mind is empty and peaceful. I understand that the reason why gods created man—such a perfect creation—is to give beings a chance to cultivate with a human body so that we can return to our origin.

The human body is precious. For a determined cultivator, the human body is a way that leads to Heaven. Created by gods, a human body helps one to repay karmic debts through reincarnation, as well as demonstrating the saving power of the Buddha Fa. This is why it is precious.

We should cherish the human body. With the physical body, through the painful process of paying karmic debts, one learns the consequences of doing bad deeds—harming both others and oneself. The human body helps me to better understand karmic relationships as well as feel the boundless compassion and power of enlightened beings. It also reminds me that sentient beings needs to be looked after since they are lost in a maze.

Once we understand the real purpose of the human body, we will remain clear-minded in this material world and not be disturbed by bad elements. With no bad thoughts, we will not be attached to superficial things but instead cherish the gift of life bestowed by gods. Then the efforts by gods to create mankind will not be in vain. Gods are waiting to see if these human bodies can be well-utilized by Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period.

In my serene calmness, I am also looking at the beings who did not have a chance to obtain a human body. In the past hundreds or thousands of years, they have been here quietly preparing a good environment for sentient beings to know the truth of Dafa. In preparation for today, these beings have been waiting with determination for such a long time, regardless of hot, cold, windy or other harsh weather conditions. Looking at them, I said, “Come over, everyone. I will give each of you a purple lotus flower.” Upon hearing this, they were all excited, saying, “I want one! I want one!” Then, I solemnly sent out the words “Falun Dafa is good” into the surrounding dimensions.

While writing this article, many gods gave me hints that it is very important to let people know the preciousness of the human body and its real purpose.

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