Understanding the Beauty of Buddha Nature

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | April 18, 2010

[PureInsight.org] Last week when I was studying the Fa with our local group, my heart was shocked as I read the phrase of “Buddha Nature.” At that moment, many things in my heart seemed to fall off and disappear and an unspeakable sense of beauty arose.

The following couple of days I felt like I was surrounded by the beauty that Buddha nature brought to me and I was kind of stuck in that state. In that state, I found myself talking more softly than before. I lost my usual tone of arguing with others and never giving in. When I shared my understandings with fellow practitioners, I could listen intently from the bottom of my heart. No matter what opinion a fellow practitioner expressed, either the same or different from mine, I could patiently listen all the way to the end. In the past, if someone talked continuously and could not hit the key point, I would have become bored and impatient for sure. After understanding the beauty of Buddha Nature, those feelings of being annoyed were eliminated.

In the past, sometimes I would suddenly have random thoughts of arguing with someone. Sometimes I would generate complaints over those trivial things that my family members asked me to do. But after that day when I realized what Buddha Nature is, I felt from the depth of my heart that I no longer wanted to argue anymore. I felt that it is so meaningless to even think about it. I also felt that it was inappropriate for a cultivator to argue.

Usually when I walk outdoors, I always see lots of disordered stuff in the stores windows and hear repulsive noises. I used to be quite upset that those dirty things appeared in my view and was fretful about hearing those noises. But after I realized the beauty of Buddha Nature, those noises actually seemed to have manners when I walked on the street again. The ugly parts seemed to be filtered to a lower decibel level before entering my ears. The feeling I got was cheerful and witty and I sensed that those sounds are actually like lives. Now when I go about doing things, my surroundings are quite harmonious!

I felt very relaxed and comfortable during those days and suddenly I enlightened: keeping one’s cultivation state within Buddha Nature, one’s entire cultivation process is ensured to surge forth.

Originally published in Chinese on Feb. 14, 2010

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/2/14/64318.html

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