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A Falun Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | April 25, 2010

[] I am a young practitioner who started to practice Falun Dafa in 1998. Today, I would like to write down some of my experience and share it with everyone. I am very grateful to Master for his constant caring and hints.

Recently, there was a long break for the New Year. I originally planned to take the time to study the Fa and send forth righteous thoughts. But, because of slacking off and laziness, I slept and ate a lot, wasting plenty of time. Today, when the alarm went off at 3:40 am, I did not get up. Then in a dream, I saw a bad looking pig. I had not seen a pig in the past and was wondering why it looked so bad. Then, an understanding came to my mind, “You are persecuted and now kept together with a pig so that it will eat you.” I was frightened. Then the alarm went off again at 5:50 am. I dared not sleep any longer. I hurriedly got up, sent forth righteous thoughts, and did the exercises.

My celestial eye is not open and I did not have many feelings in my physical body, either. So many times, Master gave me hints in a dream. When doing poorly at Fa-study, I often dreamed my hair was dyed yellow, shortened or missing a large area, which looked very bad. I was very worried and woke up. Then I came to understand: there is some loss with the Fa (same pronunciation as “hair” in Chinese).

When I was stuck in some conflict and failed to improve, I often dreamed of being naked or wearing little in front a crowd. When awake, I realize the dream was reminding me that I did not cultivate well (“not cultivating” and “shameless” has the same pronunciation in Chinese). Sometimes when feeling bored, I often dreamed of many flies, mosquitoes, roaches, flying insects, flying around me or towards me. I would panic and try to drive them away. Upon waking, I realized there was vicious interference around me and I had to send forth righteous thoughts to clean up the field. When doing the exercises well, in the dream I saw my house was solid and well decorated.

Once, when having conflicts with a practitioner in the same Fa-study group, I thought about the wrongdoings of others all the time. Then, in a dream that night it seemed I needed to submit something to Teacher and I did so happily. Then someone said to me, “Teacher wants you to place it on the table.” By then I noticed that I was carrying a white flower-pot with clear water inside. Inside the pot were two or three very beautiful flowers, and some green leaves. After waking, I was still thinking about it: leaves and flowers should stay together, but in my dream they did not. Although the flowers were beautiful, they only had thin stems in the water and looked strange. The green leaves looked nice, but appeared plain without the flowers. I realized that Master was reminding me that although each of us has a different situation, we are all Dafa practitioners. We are all doing well as individuals, but we need to form one body.

Master’s compassion is everywhere and above are just some examples. I hardly had dreams before cultivation. But, now that I am cultivating I clearly remember two dreams from before and understand them. When I was about four or five, in a dream I saw myself falling into the center of a dark karmic ball. After waking up, I felt sad and was in despair. Later, I kept wondering what the purpose of life was and what was the way out? Being busy with boring classes in high school made me even more puzzled. One day, I was reciting a poem written by Yue Fei and recited it many times.

On that night, in a dream, I was walking in a dark tunnel. It was so dark that I could not see anything. Then I saw candlelight far away in the front. I knew it was showing me a direction. After waking up, I was very happy and read the poem again to find out why. However, I did not quite understand this until 1999 when I was reading a poem by Master:

Visiting my Hometown

On and on, the autumn rain falls like tears,
Every drop filling my heart with anguish;
I look about, but no one do I know in the town,
Several times has my village lain in ruin.
Here, then gone, eight hundred years race by,
And no one knows who I am;
I lower my head as I light several sticks of incense,
Their smoke drifts away, towards old acquaintances.
Turning back, my wish fulfilled,
I shall come again to help all return.

September 11, 1997
at the hometown of Yue Fei
(Hong Yin, “Visiting my Hometown”)


As Dafa disciples, we are the most fortunate beings in the cosmos. Whether before or after we began cultivation, or this lifetime or previous lifetimes, we have been taken care of by Master and he has made sacrifices for us.

During the last few steps of Fa-rectification, if we are unable to do the three things well that Master has told us to do, we are actually letting Master down and in the meantime not being responsible to ourselves. Therefore, we must remain diligent and fulfill our vows.

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