“Do You Do the Exercises?”

Fei Yue

PureInsight | July 26, 2010

[PureInsight.org] Yesterday morning a fellow practitioner came to visit us. He said that he had not been cultivating diligently for a while, and he even watched TV with his ordinary family members instead of studying the Fa or doing the exercises. He asked my mother and I, “Do you do the exercises?” We told him that we were quite busy these days, and thus we didn’t do the exercises. Although we still studied the Fa every day, we read it absentmindedly. Sometimes we lost our temper over household affairs, totally forgetting that we were Dafa practitioners.

In the afternoon, another practitioner came over to pick up the weekly edition of Minghui and other truth clarification materials. He said that recently he had slacked off. His family was building a house, and at the same time there was endless farm work. He didn’t do the exercises. He also couldn’t get up to send forth righteous thoughts at 12AM. He asked us the same question, “Do you do the exercises?” It wasn’t until that time that I realized Master was using fellow practitioners’ mouths to enlighten me to “do the exercises!”

We live in the countryside. From the busy spring plowing season until now, we seldom studied the Fa at home. After the day’s farm work, we were so tired that we got sleepy soon after we started to study the Fa, let alone clarify the truth and save sentient beings. When I think about it, Dafa disciples in the countryside have always been busy throughout the whole year. On sunny days they have certain work, and on rainy days they have other work. Some fellow practitioners make their daily work schedules very tight, but they put their cultivation in an expendable position. They were able to get up at 3AM or 4AM to run their business to make money but they feel it is difficult to get up at 3AM or 4AM to do the exercises.

I wrote this down to remind fellow practitioners who also live in the countryside that we need to “do the exercises” and “cultivate diligently.” We can’t use being “busy” as an excuse to ignore our cultivation or to waste precious Dafa resources, which is the time extended by Master’s enormous endurance.

Cultivation is serious. The standard won’t be lowered just because we are “busy.” Master’s compassion is equal for all sentient beings. The standard of Dafa cultivation is equally serious to each one of us! I hope all fellow practitioners in the countryside can let go of their human attachments and treasure this cultivation opportunity. Don’t take Master’s compassion for granted. Fulfill our prehistoric vows! Valuing the time for cultivation highly is valuing one’s own life!

Thank you Master for compassionately using other practitioner’s mouths to help me enlighten to this!


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2010/6/10/66688.html


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