Do Not Harm Others with Our Words

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | September 27, 2010

[] During the course of cultivation, we have to constantly rectify our ways of saying things or doing things. For example, our tone and choice of words often reflect our attachments, human notions or even our demonic nature. It not only makes others uncomfortable, but also can easily hurt them.

One day, a practitioner said to me, “A fellow practitioner stopped attending group Fa study. After several days, however, he found the effect of study on his own was not good. So he started coming again.” I asked him, “Why don’t you come to the group Fa study?” He said, “It’s because of you. Every time you always seem to criticize others saying someone did poorly here and someone else did something wrong there, as if you are the only one who cultivates well…”

The practitioner’s words made me think a lot. I used to consider myself diligent in cultivation in the past few years. For example, I had many accomplishments on Dafa projects, and provided thousands or tens of thousands of yuan when Dafa projects needed money or when fellow practitioners needed funds for personal business. My heart was sincere and selfless, and I sacrificed more compared to other practitioners around me. Then, why did practitioners still complain about me, and even say I have many human notions and am unable to tolerate others? These words made me uneasy and puzzled. With continued Fa study and sharing with fellow practitioners, however, I gradually realized that it not only involved human notions and attachments, but also my failure to cultivate my speech—which constantly hurt others. For example, when gathering with other practitioners, I often discussed at will who had this problem and who had that omission. Or, which two practitioners as a couple still have the attachment to struggling, which practitioner began to take medicine and became hospitalized, or which practitioner could not maintain their xinxing level and began to argue with everyday people. Instead of considering things based on the Fa and paying attention to the positive sides of fellow practitioners, I tended to focus on their shortcomings. For quite a long time, I didn’t realize this attachment and the old forces took advantage of it to create barriers between practitioners. Very often the negative words would be passed on to the practitioners commented on through others, who might even add more rumors. Then, how can fellow practitioners be happy in this case?

I had a dream that night. Many Dafa practitioners were climbing a mountain. Everyone was working hard to climb up. However, none of them seemed to pay attention to what happened under their feet; some stones were loosened by their steps and fell upon the climbers below. In this way, everyone was hurting others, and everyone was being hurt. Some were heavily bruised and some were bleeding. Still, everyone was trying hard to climb up, and climb up… I was shocked by this scene. Wasn’t it the situation for practitioners around me? When practitioners do not cultivate their speech, they are hurting others and at the same time, being hurt as well. We need to take this seriously. In some cases where the entire family are practitioners, some are even more careless, saying, “Why did you do things this way? Why did you do things that way? We are all practitioners, why did you ask me to do that?” The reprimanding tone has even become a habit. As the Fa-rectification is ending soon, is this the right demeanor for a Dafa disciple?

Since then, I often remember this dream. Whenever speaking with fellow practitioners, I try to maintain a peaceful mind and speak with compassion to avoid hurting others. I decided to completely eliminate the habit of criticizing others and looking down upon others, which was formed because of the CCP’s party culture. I now can feel my improvement as more and more practitioners come to me and share their understandings.

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