Golden Keys

Wang Haotian

PureInsight | September 27, 2010

[] After sending forth righteous thoughts, I still did not want to put down my legs from double lotus position. I felt immersed in a sacred and mighty mindset. When looking at myself carefully with my third eye, I noticed many locks on me had been unwittingly opened, which is something I had not seen in the past.

Every one of us has many locks on our bodies, layer after layer. There are so many layers that it is beyond description. If a person does not cultivate, the body is tightly locked and stays in the cycle of reincarnation. It is covered by thick dust and it is impossible for the locks to open. The locks are of different shapes and correspond to various degenerated human notions. Moreover, at the core of those locks are dens of evil spirits.

There are some practitioners who, although being lucky to start cultivation, were unable to follow the Fa and look within. Therefore, their xinxing has not improved over a long period of time. In these practitioners, many demonic beings hide in the cores of the locks, gloating over the practitioners’ slackness. They once rampantly said to me, “The locks are our fortresses. Nobody can break in.” Hearing their reckless laughter, I waved my hand to break the locks with a sword made of golden light. However, my Fa-implement could not open the locks and the demons laughed even more rampantly. Then, a divine being, most likely from the Tao School, appeared in front of me. He said, “Only the golden keys from the Lord of Buddhas can open these stubborn locks. Since you already have the keys in your hands, why don’t you use them?” Then he vanished. Looking in my empty hands, I was confused: where are the keys?

Thinking about Master’s Fa that I have read in the past, I realized we have to look within regardless of the difficulty encountered. When gradually rectifying my thoughts and cleaning up my deeply rooted, degenerated notions, I noticed the golden keys began to form. In the end, they did appear in my hands. Now I came to understand the importance of looking within. Once we clean up ourselves well and purify ourselves, keys will appear. As I continued to look within, even very difficult locks were opened easily. With the core of the locks exposed, the demons had no protection and they were easily eliminated in one wave of the hand. I gradually realized that various hindrances in cultivation can only be overcome by looking within. Master is watching and gods are also watching how we Dafa disciples use our power to validate the Fa and break through barriers.

Looking at those opened locks and feeling the body improve one level after another, I learned that looking within makes a cultivator improve fundamentally. When thinking this over, I realized that Master has already given us the golden keys and has been waiting for us to open the locks, to both free ourselves and save sentient beings.

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