We Are One Body


PureInsight | February 3, 2011

[PureInsight.org] When sending forth righteous thoughts this morning, the words “one body” suddenly came to my mind. I was touched by it and was in tears.

This might be related to what happened yesterday. A practitioner told me yesterday evening that after a local practitioner was reported to the police for distributing truth-clarification materials and was forced to stay away from home, that practitioner is now safe and has been actively doing the three things. Moreover, overseas practitioners kept calling the local police station as well. After hearing this, I was happy to hear that this practitioner was doing all right, and I was touched by the help given from overseas practitioners. In fact, several of us local practitioners have also been sending forth righteous thoughts to support this practitioner. Now I have realized the power that cooperation as one body can manifest.

Yes, all Dafa practitioners are indeed one body. We are cultivating ourselves by following the same Fa and we are all Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples. With this honor and compassionate caring from Master, we all came to assist Master to validate the Fa and fulfill our vows. As an individual, each of us walks his or her own cultivation path. Collectively, we are particles of an integral one body. When some truth-clarification projects need to be completed, our cooperation to form a seamless one body is very important. With two or three practitioners, we can form a small one body. With several dozen practitioners, we can form a bigger one body. When millions of practitioners join together as a unified one body, our energy will disintegrate all evil elements instantly and the compassionate field will save many sentient beings at the same time.

When some practitioners are in tribulations, many practitioners come to help. Some send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil and support practitioners, some make phone calls to relevant government agencies to clarify the truth or expose the evil, and some provide help to the practitioners' families or accompany them to see the responsible officials to request for their release. Why can we achieve this? This is because we are one body. Hand in hand, and heart to heart, we join each other to improve together and break through the tribulations together. After identifying the gaps, we are able to correct the loopholes and make up the losses. Through looking within and learning the lessons, we are becoming more diligent and rectifying ourselves in the Fa. This is how we cooperate as one body and improve as one body.

Above are some of my understandings, please point out anything inappropriate.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/1/15/71054.html


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