Articles for the Pure Insight 10th Anniversary: Changes to the Physical Body Through Cultivation


PureInsight | February 21, 2011


After deciding to recite the Fa, my depression disappeared after one night

After I read some articles about reciting the Fa on the Clearwisdom website, I decided to recite too. However, I had been suffering from depression for eighteen years. When I was young I had really good memory. I could memorize a mid-size ancient Chinese prose within five minutes. But when I was in junior high school, I developed severe depression. My memory failed dramatically and I became impatient in my temper. After I decided to recite the Fa, I thought that the depression would interfere. I wished I could get my good memory back. But no matter what, I decided I would start to recite the Fa. Then I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning, I found everything had changed. My depression flew away! The depression was like a big rock pressing against my brain. Now that the rock was gone, my brain felt relieved immediately.

My enlightenment from this was, “Cultivation is up to you, while gong is up to the master” (Zhuan Falun, The First Talk, “Why Doing Cultivation Exercises Doesn’t Increase Gong”). We couldn’t do anything by ourselves. Everything is done by Master. But we must have the determination to do it.

In fact, every disease is due to a foreign spirit making trouble in another dimension. When that foreign spirit is removed, the disease on the human body will disappear. This holds true for either organic diseases or functional diseases. Modern medicine categorizes diseases by their surface manifestation. However, the roots of diseases are all in other dimensions.

After Master removed that rock-like foreign spirit, my brain felt light right away. I felt the space where the rock had been pressing was now empty. It’s like how after a big rock in a garden is removed, the grass and flowers around it are still flattened due to the pressure from the rock above. After reciting the Fa and doing the exercises for two months, my brain felt normal. It was like the flattened grass and flowers turned straight again.

Master eliminated my long-standing karma on the first day of cultivation

The first time I read Zhuan Falun was in 1996. I finished reading the book in one night. I felt all the heavenly secrets were disclosed. So I decided not to read any other book from then on. After I read Zhuan Falun, I didn’t like reading other books as much as before. I used to love reading books. Whenever I saw a bookstore I would go inside. After I obtained the Fa I knew the reason. I was destined to obtain the Fa by this form. In 1998 during Chinese New Year we paid a New Year visit to an old neighbor. As soon as we went into his house, I saw the picture of Master hanging on the wall in the living room. So I said to them, “You guys are also practicing Falun Gong. I want to practice too.” So we agreed to come to learn the exercises the next day. That night I had a dream: my body was like a rectangular muddy pond. Master held a shovel to dig up all the mud. Only some waterweeds were left for me to clean. Before I showed my happiness, Master said, “Don’t get excited too early. It will take you quite some time to clean up the waterweeds.” (Actually Master didn’t say anything. Master used a supernormal ability to deliver the message to my mind.)

The same symptom, different foreign spirit

In 1999 I didn’t cultivate diligently. I was suddenly sick and sent to the hospital. It was rush hour and the traffic was usually the worst at that time. But that day every time when our car got to a crossroad, the light turned from red to green. People in the car were surprised. The surgery went smoothly. The next year the disease recurred and they found a 12-cm tumor inside my abdomen, which was even larger than the one before. The doctor gave me two choices: surgery or take Chinese traditional medicine. But the doctor also said I was too weak to endure another surgery. Another doctor told me that Chinese traditional medicine wouldn’t help at all since the tumor was too big. The tumor could burst at any time. Once that happened, my life would be in danger.

At that time I was taking medicine. I knew it was wrong for a cultivator but I couldn’t let it go. One day my medicine disappeared without any trace. I realized that Master wanted me to stop taking the medicine. So I told my family not to look for it. Several days later I saw Master’s Fashen standing beside my bed. He reached his hand into my abdomen. But the foreign spirit was so strong that it still stayed inside. Immediately Master’s Fashen split into several Fashen. They pressed my arms and legs and held me there. Then one Fashen grasped the foreign spirit out of my abdomen. The foreign spirit was black and looked like a rabbit. It held my body tightly and didn’t want to leave. If Master didn’t hold my arms and legs, I would have been lifted up by the spirit. Later, the doctor held my laboratory test report and shouted in surprise, “How come the tumor disappeared within such a short time!?” The report showed the 12-cm tumor and some small tumors were all gone. Only a 5-cm tumor was there, but that wouldn’t put my life in danger.

In October 2010, I came to another city. I did a lot of things to validate the Fa. The second night after I came to the city, Master took that 5-cm tumor and some other bad things out of my body.


Depression and a tumor in the abdomen are different diseases in this dimension. But in other dimensions, they are both due to foreign spirits. In this dimension, the modern medical devices can only see the tumor. But the root causes, in other dimensions, are different foreign spirits. There is no way to completely eliminate the disease without knowing the root cause. After cultivation, many Falun Dafa practitioners had so many miracles in their bodies, which can’t be explained by modern medicine. Falun Dafa points out a brand new direction for medicine.


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