Miracles That Happened to Several Elderly Female Practitioners


PureInsight | March 14, 2011


Being illiterate but able to read the Fa

One elderly lady had many illnesses before practicing Falun Gong. Sometimes she skipped meals, but not medicines. After hearing that learning Falun Gong was free and its effects were good, she came to learn it. However, when she was told that it is important to study the Fa, she was worried, “I hardly know any words.” Nonetheless, whenever others read the Fa, she also held the book respectfully. When others asked her which sentence was being read, she said she did not know. This continued for a long time and she never missed Fa-study. When practitioners shared understandings, they often invited the elderly lady to say something. Upon being asked, she often said, “I’m a practitioner and I’m glad that Master is taking care of me. When things come up, I need to check if I did something wrong.” Gradually, she stopped taking medicine and was able to read through Zhuan Falun without missing a single word. Interestingly, even for the same word, she could not recognize it if it was in another book. Five children of the elderly lady also began to practice one by one.

After the persecution started in 1999, this elderly lady continued with Fa-study. Right now, she is almost 90 years old and is still very healthy. Many neighbors say, “This lady is so healthy at this age—it means Falun Gong is indeed good.”

A miracle that happened to my mother

My mother had many illnesses and one day she didn’t feel good. In the beginning I didn’t know what to do. Then I remembered Master’s words in Zhuan Falun, “Falun Dafa disciples are absolutely forbidden to treat patients. You can read this book to a patient. If the patient can accept it, it can heal illness. But the results will differ according to each person’s amount of karma.” I read this section to my mother and, miraculously, she felt much better after a short time. I helped her walk in front of Master’s picture she said, “Now I know that a Buddha has saved my life.” On that day, she began to practice Falun Gong.

After the persecution started in 1999, my mother went to Beijing many times to appeal and was arrested numerous times. Nonetheless, she never yielded to the evil. Even when she was forced to stay away from home, she kept on clarifying the truth to other people. One day after going out for truth-clarification, she fell down into a deep ditch by the roadside with her tricycle. The ditch was very deep and there was nobody around. Her leg was also injured and she was bleeding severely. She thought, “Teacher, I’m not familiar with this area and have fallen down into this deep ditch. Can you help me to get back home?” In this way, Master helped her get out of the ditch and return home safely.

The sudden disappearance of pain

An elderly lady temporarily lived with her daughter, who was not a practitioner. Her grandson was having a wedding soon and wanted her to stay for a few more days. However, this practitioner had illness karma and because of the pain, she even needed other people to take care of her. She thought, “I’m a practitioner and it’s hard to validate the Fa without good health. Plus, I have to rely on other people to help me.” So she burned incense and asked Master for help. Right at that moment, the pain stopped immediately. This practitioner was very grateful and told this story to her daughter. Her daughter was also very happy and said, “Falun Gong is really amazing!”

Because of their advanced age and limited education, these elderly practitioners didn’t seem able to discuss or write down many of their understandings on Fa-principles. Nonetheless, with a firm belief in Master and the Fa, they are modestly validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2011/2/15/71868.html

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