Cooperation as One Body Will Manifest the Power of the Fa


PureInsight | February 14, 2011

[] A practitioner in Hubei Province had symptoms of colon cancer. She almost collapsed after she returned home, unable to walk and feeling very weak. Her sister, also a practitioner, contacted a practitioner in northeast China, hoping he could pay her a visit and help. The practitioner from northeast China looked at this as an opportunity for the practitioner with sickness karma symptoms, as well as other practitioners in Hubei Province to improve as one body. He thus came and shared his understandings with others on forming one body and breaking through the barriers that separate us. During the discussion, we realized the persecution that happens to an individual practitioner is actually targeting everyone as a whole. After we reached agreement on that, the practitioner who had the colon cancer symptom was able to stand up. Her cancer cell migration also stopped. As the group rectified and improved as a whole, the environment got better as well, and the practitioner’s health condition also improved. Her family was excited and happy.

We then discussed going together to a labor camp in Hubei Province and send forth righteous thoughts there. The old forces started to interfere as we planned this, and as a result, all practitioners overslept that night and missed the alarm clock’s alerting us to send forth righteous thoughts. We left a little after 6:00 am, and as we arrived at the labor camp, a practitioner with her celestial eye open saw the sky above was dark and covered with old forces. The old forces were composed of many gods in the form of Buddhas, Taos, and Gods. Many of them had halo’s around their heads and some even came with their temples, which were also surrounded by halos. These old forces had been waiting there already since they knew this was a joint effort to send forth righteous thoughts by Hubei practitioners and northeast practitioners. All practitioners were immersed in the Fa and were focused on sending forth righteous thoughts. The practitioner with her celestial eye open also saw Master and righteous gods were standing above to help the practitioners eliminate the evil. Various Falun were sent off one after another, and each of them was glowing. The scene was sacred and touching. That practitioner was in tears, since she knew that as long as practitioners meet the xinxing requirements, Master will help us with everything. By the afternoon, the sky above the labor camp became clear.

After returning, the practitioner from northeast China shared with others on the importance of cooperating as one body. We realized that criticism and complaints are the main reasons that prevent us from improving together. Created by the vicious party culture, they strengthened the barriers between practitioners and they are something that practitioners have to eliminate. When we are criticizing practitioners, it is as if we are hurting them with many sharp swords. As long as our field is not rectified, practitioners may come across various different situations that damage our one body state. At that time, we should encourage each other and help each other, while cultivating ourselves at the same time. When we practitioners as a whole are righteous and compassionate, Master will do everything to help us.

We hope all practitioners can improve together in this New Year. By stopping criticizing and complaining about each other, we can form a strong one body. This way, we will form a more compassionate field and more sentient beings will be saved.


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