Articles for PureInsight 10th Anniversary: Several Miracles on My Cultivation Path

Jinkou, a practitioner in Shandong Province, China

PureInsight | March 14, 2011

[] I am nearly 70 years old and hardly received any education when I was young. Ever since I began to cultivate, I knew Falun Dafa is good and extraordinary. I knew I was walking on a cultivation path with constant improvements, and Master has been taking care of me along the way. Today, I would like to share some of the miracles that happened to me on my cultivation path.

1. Beginning to cultivate

Many people in my city began to practice Falun Dafa in the spring of 1996. One day, a fellow practitioner gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun, but I could not read it because I was illiterate. Upon hearing the importance of reading the book for cultivation, I was very worried. During a dream that night, an elderly man with gray hair came to me with a horsetail whisk in his hand. He waved the whisk over my book and told me that I could read now. Then the elderly man disappeared and I woke up. After I picked up the book, I surprisingly found I was able to read it! In addition, each line I was reading would bulge out. Since then, I began to study the Fa and do the exercises. Interestingly, although I could read all of Master’s books and lectures, so far I am still unable to read everyday books.

When looking back, I realized that Master saw that I was anxious to study the Fa and helped me with that. I am very grateful for this.

2. Enlightenment during cultivation

I have stumbled along my way after beginning to practice and often encounter xinxing conflicts. One day when riding a bike passing a farmers market, I saw an apricot vendor and picked one to taste. It was too sour and I did not want to buy it. The vendor swore at me with dirty words. I gave him half a yuan and wanted to leave. He did not accept it and continued to swear at me. I was furious and argued with him. On the way home I fell off my bike and landed hard on the ground, fracturing my left elbow. As a result, my left arm was much shorter than my right one. Nonetheless, I did not feel any pain (later I realized that Master helped me bear the pain). Upon returning home, my children were in panic seeing my arm and wanted to send me to a hospital. I refused and remembered a story in Zhuan Falun that a practitioner was all right after being directly hit by a car. Today, because of problems with my xinxing, I had conflicts with others. So it was my fault. In my heart I apologized to Master and firmed up my mind to do better. Since it was not painful, I did not pay much attention to it and still continued to do things as I used to do. Several days later I noticed the bones had correctly rejoined together by themselves. I knew Master had helped me again and I was very thankful for that.

One day, a practitioner asked me to help her move a heavy stone plank. She did not know the accident I had in the past and I did not tell her about it, either. As I worked hard to lift the stone plank, the rejoined bones disconnected again. I did not pay attention to it and continued to do things as I usually did. Within several days, the bones rejoined again and everything went back to normal. I knew Master helped me again.

3. Listening to the Fa

After the brutal persecution started in July 1999, several local practitioners including myself went to Beijing to appeal. Before our departure some practitioners were concerned about my poor education, thinking that might cause difficulty to validate the Fa. Nonetheless, with a heart of respect towards Master and the Fa, I told them that I just wanted to go there and tell people that Falun Dafa is good. It did not necessarily require good education to say something from your heart. The practitioners were convinced. At the appealing center in Beijing, a few practitioners and I told those officials how good Falun Dafa is, asking them to pass the words on to higher officials. The officials considered me as a coordinator in my local area and did not believe I was a housewife who could not read. After returning home, I continued to calm down and study the Fa. One day, a practitioner gave me the new article “The Knowing Heart.” I thought I could not read it and asked everyday people around me for help. However, they said they could not read it, either. I was thus very worried. While anxious to read the article, I suddenly heard Master’s voice speaking in my ear, “Fa brings salvation to all…” The voice was loud and clear. I was then able to read the article and I recited it after reading it several times. It motivated me to be more diligent on my cultivation path.

4. Handcuffs opened by themselves

One day, I went to the countryside to distribute truth-clarification materials and someone reported me to the police. Police agents arrested me and handcuffed me to a chair. In the beginning, I looked at the situation with human notions. The more I struggled, the deeper the handcuffs went into my skin, leaving a scar that still remains today. A police officer laughed at me and said, “How about asking your Teacher to release the handcuffs?” I remembered that during one lecture Master talked about practitioners asking him for help when they are in danger. So I said loudly, “Master, help me! Master, help me!” Miraculously, the tight handcuffs opened themselves. This shocked the police officer and he stood there speechless. I was very grateful for Master's help and was in tears. When the police officers came back after lunch, this guy did not show up. From their discussions, I learned he had been knocked down by a motorcycle on the street and was injured. I thus told the officers that Dafa is good and clarified the truth to them. I also recited to them Master's article, “When people do not have virtue, natural calamities and man-made disasters will abound. When the earth does not have virtue, everything will wither and fall. When heaven deviates from the Dao, the ground will crack, the sky will collapse, and the whole universe will be empty. When the Fa is right, the universe will be right. Life will flourish, heaven and earth will be stable, and the Fa will exist forever” (“When the Fa is Right,” Essentials for Further Advancement). The police officers listened quietly and released me the next day.

5. Righteous thoughts

After the persecution started in July 1999, police officers always watched me and followed me. With belief in Master and the Fa, I was not afraid of them at all. Almost every day I went out to distribute truth-clarification materials, clarify the truth, and later to ask people to quit the Chinese Communist Part and its affiliated organizations. One day, two police officers came and knocked hard on my door. The door was made of metal bars and we could see each other clearly. Realizing that the police came repeatedly to harass me, I sat in the lotus position, looked them in the eye, and began to send forth righteous thoughts. In my mind I was clear, “This is the home of a Dafa disciple. Master will help and no evil is allowed to come in.” The police were stunned and left. They never came back again. From this, I understood better Master's article, “Dafa Disciples’ Righteous Thoughts are Powerful.” (Essentials for Further Advancement II)

Above are some of my experiences. Please point out anything inappropriate.

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