The Grief of the Phoenix Fa King

Qi Hang

PureInsight | February 3, 2011

[] In the colossal firmament of the cosmos, there was a very beautiful heavenly paradise called “Rong Guang Paradise.” Gold and jade were everywhere in that paradise, resplendent and magnificent—the beauty was beyond the description of human words. There were countless sentient beings there, who were all different kinds of birds. Some birds looked like the ones in the human world, such as the song thrush, canary, and sparrow, but they were much more beautiful. Even the sparrows there had golden feathers. There were no crows, partridges, or sparrow hawks there. The red-crowned crane was not there either because they didn’t belonged to that system. A very noble and honorable phoenix ruled the paradise. She was the Fa King there. Her name was Phoenix Fa King. At the same level as Rong Huang paradise, there were other paradises where sentient beings looked like human beings.

After a long period of time, the Phoenix Fa King witnessed the degeneration of her world. The sentient beings’ selfish notions kept emerging. She looked hard for a resolution. Then the Lord of Buddhas was going to descend to the human world to teach the Fa, and many kings in different realms descended as well. The Phoenix Fa King put down the glory of being a god and joined them. When her sentient beings saw her off reluctantly, they promised to wait for her to come back. In the solemn and stirring descension, the Phoenix Fa King suffered all kinds of hardships. The Lord of Buddhas, the Phoenix Fa King, and other Kings performed a wonderful play in the Three Realms to lay the foundation for the culture of Dafa to spread in the future.

After billions of years’ waiting and thousands of reincarnations, the time of spreading Dafa finally arrived. The Phoenix Fa King was now the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) secretary in a factory. He became a member of the wicked CCP and enjoyed the benefits from it. Initially, he ignored the facts about his family members becoming healthy in both mind and body by practicing Falun Dafa. Then, in 2005 when he was seriously sick, he started to practice Falun Dafa with the persuasion of his family. But he still took medicine while practicing Dafa. He couldn’t let go of the illness. Whenever the symptom became severe, he went to the hospital. In the end he didn’t get well. Master gave him extra time, but he instead said he gave Dafa extra time, meaning that if his illness went away, that would prove Dafa works. He didn’t respect Master or Dafa and tried to negotiate with Master. He also didn’t understand why fellow practitioners saved sentient beings. He thought fellow practitioners rebelled against the CCP. He had quit the CCP but he still thought the CCP was good because it paid him a salary. On National Day, he watched the CCP ceremonies on TV. He felt proud of the CCP and thought that it was powerful. As such, he cultivated on and off all these years. He studied the Fa but didn’t obtain the Fa. In 2009, he passed away with regrets.

When he was seriously sick, I had sent righteous thoughts for him and saw his origin—the Phoenix Fa King.

On the day before he passed away, while I was sending righteous thoughts for him, I saw a phoenix. On her beautiful cloak there was a very thick layer of black material. The phoenix wanted to fly but fell to the ground. Four big magnificent white birds, who were the guardian gods of the Fa in Rong Guang Paradise, saw the scene and dived down to rescue their King without hesitation. They already knew that beings in the higher realms were forbidden to go down directly, because the law of the universe restricts everything. But it was their responsibility to rescue their King. Their only thought was: “Rescue the King.” Right at the moment they went down, they were disintegrated immediately. The sentient beings in Rong Guang Paradise were despaired and scared. Then I saw that practitioner came to me with a smile. Suddenly he vomited a long string of blood bubbles, and then a red evil dragon left his backbone. The reason why he thought the CCP was good was because he was constantly controlled by the red evil dragon.

On the day he passed away, I was still sending righteous thoughts for him. I saw that the phoenix lay on the ground with her feathers fallen off. She cried big tears. Then the gates of hell opened, one after another, until the 17th gate. I was frightened. Right at the moment that she fell down to hell, Rong Guang Paradise started to collapse. All the sentient beings fled in disorder but there was no place to hide. The most miserable scene in the universe was playing out in front of me. In the end, Rong Guang Paradise was completely destroyed except for a white case that was left in the boundless universe to recount its past glory.

While the practitioner was the Party secretary in the factory, he embezzled money and had affairs with women. He also killed beings. After he fell down to the 17th layer of hell, he was punished in over 20 ways, such as whipping, pulling out his tendon, etc. His teeth were all pulled out. Half a month later, he paid off all the karma and returned to the heavens, waiting for reincarnation. Although in the human world it was just half a month, it was 20 years in hell. He now looked like a kid and even made a funny face at me. A month and a half later, he was reincarnated in a fellow practitioner’s family and was a baby girl. Before he passed away, his wife, who was also a Dafa disciple, kept telling him to cultivate in his next life. He kept nodding. Perhaps that’s why he was reincarnated in a Dafa disciple’s family.

Originally, in order to save her sentient beings, the magnificent Phoenix Fa King put down the glory of being a god without hesitation. Now Rong Guang Paradise didn’t exist anymore. The sentient beings she made every effort to save were all destroyed. I hope she could obtain the Fa again and have a good future. But I guess she will never be able to remember her glorious past, otherwise, how could she live on?

I write this article to warn fellow practitioners that Dafa is compassionate but also serious. Cultivators must unconditionally assimilate to “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” in order to rectify themselves and return to their original homes.



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