Assimilating To the Fa and Remaining Calm


PureInsight | March 7, 2011

[] Everyday society is filled with the substances of vanity and loneliness. Therefore, many people choose to seek indulgence to satisfy themselves. For Dafa practitioners, however, we cannot pursue such low-level pleasures. Instead, we should work hard to eliminate such human notions, layer after layer, since they are deeply rooted within us.

When I was no longer bothered by such degenerated substances, however, I went to the other extreme — developing an attachment to accomplishing things. I thought validating the Fa meant being busy every day with Dafa work and ordinary work. Therefore, I tried to push myself to do more things. Although I felt busy all the time, I did not feel myself making any progress. Now I have realized that only focusing on doing things without improving xinxing is irrational.

Righteous actions are closely related to righteous thoughts. I have learned a lesson. That is, when I have a pure mind and really want to validate the Fa, the result is good and it is very efficient. For example, when writing an article, if my mind is calm and I do not want to validate myself, it is very easy to find an angle to write the article. On the other hand, if I want to validate myself, or am afraid my articles are not as good as articles from other practitioners, writing an article will be very difficult and it can hardly have the effect of validating the Fa.

Now I have come to understand that the Fa also exists here, and it can offer us unlimited wisdom. The Fa-rectification momentum requires us to use our resources at will. But how to achieve that? The higher our xinxing level is, the easier it is for us to maintain a calm mind and see miracles happen. We need to do things as best as possible. That requires us to have righteous thoughts all the time. Master reminded us many times to study the Fa and do well in sending forth righteous thoughts. All these are good foundations for righteous actions.

Above are some personal understandings. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

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