Sending Righteous Thoughts to Promote Shen Yun in New York City and Witnessing the Miracles of Dafa

A Dafa Disciple in New York City

PureInsight | March 29, 2011

[] This year when Dafa disciples in New York promoted Shen Yun, we enlightened to the importance of clearing away the interference in other dimensions in order for people to be saved by Shen Yun. We held the righteous thought firmly, “Completely disintegrate all the evil which interferes with Shen Yun saving people! We will save everyone! We will get sunny days! We will get a full house in the theater.” During the course of the promotion, we witnessed the miracles of Dafa and we felt the mighty power of Dafa disciples’ righteous thoughts. Here, I would like to share our experiences with Dafa disciples in other areas. Please note that this is just for reference.

Overall, we sent strong righteous thoughts as a group to destroy the evil factors in other dimensions. We sent righteous thoughts near the theater and ticket-selling locations. We did a relay where practitioners took turns sending righteous thoughts to maintain the righteous state in other dimensions at all times. That way we left no chance for the evil to interfere. Besides the four times for sending righteous thoughts globally, we added another four times to send righteous thoughts at noon and in the evening.

1. A relay to send righteous thoughts, maintain the righteous field all the time and leave no chance for the evil to interfere!
We followed the example of Dafa disciples in mainland China to organize a relay to send righteous thoughts. Every disciple took part in this. We formed a huge righteous field! We comprehensively disintegrated the evil that interfered with Shen Yun and left no chance for the evil to interfere.

All the Dafa disciples in New York took part in sending righteous thoughts. Our requirements were: one could pick any time slot but we made sure that for any time slot there must be someone covering it. The location didn’t matter but when it was your time slot you must send righteous thoughts during that time period. This was a solemn promise and all the gods were watching you.

How did we do the relay? We divided the time from 5AM to 11PM into time slots. Each slot was half an hour. Every practitioner chose the most convenient time slot or several slots. They could send righteous thoughts at home or in the office or at some other location. We made sure that at every single minute there would be at least one Dafa disciple sending righteous thoughts. Some time slots had around 90 practitioners and some other slots had only several practitioners. For the time between 11PM and 5AM, we didn’t make specific arrangements but some practitioners volunteered to cover that time. So basically, for 24 hours a day the whole area kept sending righteous thoughts.

A relay to send righteous thoughts is a good way for Dafa disciples to improve as a whole; moreover, it is convenient for practitioners to participate. After experience sharing, fellow practitioners realized this was an opportunity given by Master for every practitioner to join the Dafa project. The requirements were very low. For example if you were very busy, in the 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week, you could certainly find some free time. The coordinator called everyone to explain the requirements and arrange the time slots. The coordinator shared the experience that after she called everyone, she felt the whole field was open. She felt that her body state was different as well. It was like a hundred energy channels were open. Ever since that point, the ticket selling situation and the whole state became better.

2. Sending righteous thoughts at a short distance to clean the field to ensure ticket sales and saving people
In order to ensure those people with predestined relationship bought Shen Yun tickets, we formed a team to send the righteous thoughts at close range to the theater and to the ticket selling locations.

The reason why we did this was inspired by an incident. One and half months before the Shen Yun show, we heard that in a high-class shopping mall the practitioners set up everything perfectly, such as a TV, a booth with a table, a banner, and practitioners wearing the correct attire with makeup, but they didn’t sell any tickets in 5 weeks. It was unbelievably difficult to sell one ticket. The shoppers just ignored our booth. Fellow practitioners were frustrated. Practitioners enlightened that the field in other dimensions was not open. One day five Dafa disciples went to the mall to send righteous thoughts at a short distance. Among them were some who sent righteous thoughts at the Nine Commentaries service center year after year. Their righteous thoughts were strong. After they arrived and sent righteous thoughts for 30 minutes, a fellow practitioner from the ticket selling location came excitedly to say, “Wow, it works! After you guys came, within 20 minutes I made two orders. One order is two $300 tickets and the other is for 4 $250 tickets. And people are waiting in line to buy tickets.” The first customer asked directly for the best tickets. The second customer also asked for the best tickets, however, our fellow practitioner was so happy that she forgot about the 300-dollar tickets. Thus she sold four $250 tickets.

After hearing the news, we were really happy and greatly encouraged. Then we continued to send righteous thoughts for another 2 hours. However, this time none of the tickets were sold. We looked within: when we heard the good news our attachment of zealotry emerged. Some practitioners even couldn’t help smiling while sending righteous thoughts. Thus, how could our thoughts be righteous? We realized that when we just arrived there our thoughts were strong and pure: to save sentient beings and clean up the evil. After looking within, we agreed that we were not there to sell tickets, but to clean up the field and save sentient beings. After that 2 more tickets were sold within an hour.

3. The group sending righteous thoughts together formed a very strong righteous field, to disintegrate all the evil which interfered with Shen Yun!
The first time we sent righteous thoughts as a group was when we heard the weather forecast that there would be a snowstorm on the day of the first Shen Yun show. Fellow practitioners were so worried, “We must not let the evil block sentient beings from being saved.” Several days before the first Shen Yun show, we had a group Fa study. Two hundred practitioners attended. We studied Master’s five lectures about sending righteous thoughts: “Righteous Thoughts,” “The Effect of Righteous Thoughts,” “We need righteous thoughts during Fa rectification, not human notions,” “In Fa-Rectification Your Thoughts Have to be Righteous, Not Human,” “Eliminate the Dark Minions With Righteous Thoughts,” “What Are Supernormal Abilities.” We also read the editorial article on “The Essentials to Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and the Schedule for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts at Set Times Around the World (Update 2).” We corrected the hand gestures and went over the essentials of sending forth righteous thoughts. We also shared our understanding regarding sending righteous thoughts. A fellow practitioner shared what miracles he saw in other dimensions. We were all encouraged. After we sent righteous thoughts for half an hour, all fellow practitioners felt the energy field was very strong. One practitioner said when he walked out of the conference room he felt like he was floating in the air. As a result, it was sunny on the first and second day of the Shen Yun shows. We thought this was Master’s compassion to sentient beings and Master’s encouragement to Dafa disciples. Meanwhile, it proved the mighty power of righteous thoughts!

But we didn’t continue the effort. The weather on the third day was terrible. We enlightened that the Shen Yun show in Lincoln Center impacted tens of thousands of people and innumerable sentient beings behind them. This was an invisible war between righteous and evil without the smoke of gunpowder. During the war every single moment related to the salvation of people with predestined relationships. So we needed to endure until the end without any slacking off. We needed to strengthen our force of sending righteous thoughts and disintegrate all the evil interfering with Shen Yun! We must not leave any room for the evil to breathe.

In order to clear out the evil and ensure a successful Shen Yun show, every night during the show we organized a group for Fa study and sending righteous thoughts. We rented a conference room in Manhattan. Every night from 7PM to 10PM fellow practitioners went there to send righteous thoughts together. Each time we sent righteous thoughts for 35 minutes (5 minutes for cleaning each individual field, 15 minutes for holding one palm erect and 15 minutes for the lotus hand position); then we studied Master’s scriptures regarding sending righteous thoughts and the Minghui article for 25 minutes. After that we repeated the same procedure three times. Sometimes we had one or two hundred people attending, and some other times we had dozens of practitioners.

From then on we kept doing this until the Shen Yun show was over. The Shen Yun shows at Lincoln Center were a big success. The forecasted bad weather turned to sunny weather continually. We were encouraged and our righteous thoughts became stronger and stronger. The effect of sending righteous thoughts was also better and better. The ticket hotline for the Shen Yun shows turned hot and for the last show it was very difficult to get a ticket. Fellow practitioners had to give away their own tickets to ordinary people.

4. Some experiences
Cultivation depends upon the individual himself, and the transformation of Gong is up to the master. The ticket sales for the Shen Yun shows reflected our cultivation state with Master’s Fashen and all gods watching. Did the whole group work on it? Did we really think of saving sentient beings? This was very important. We enlightened that the success of the Shen Yun shows in New York City was because Master helped us when he saw that all Dafa disciples thought of saving people and the whole group started to work on it. Meanwhile, we witnessed the miracles of Dafa and proved the mighty power of sending righteous thoughts.

We cooperated unconditionally and each person did as much as they could. It was worth mentioning that some fellow practitioners went to the high-end residential areas and the financial district to introduce Shen Yun to the business owners there. They covered almost all the primary financial centers, such as Wall Street. We felt it was important to do that because that could help to clean up the overall field. Dafa disciples carried strong energy. The areas they passed by would be cleansed. Meanwhile we delivered the message of Shen Yun to more people. Dafa disciples were assisting Master to rectify the Fa. Besides the things we need to do well in the human world, we need to understand clearly that this thing is not an ordinary people’s thing. It is related with the salvation of countless sentient beings. This is a war between righteous and evil in other dimensions. Besides the things we need to do well in the human world, it also depends on whether we can clean up the evil elements in other dimensions, and whether we can clean up the elements which interfere with ordinary people buying tickets to see Shen Yun.

This led us to add another thought to our righteous thoughts, “Completely disintegrate all the evils which interfere with Shen Yun’s saving people!”

When we sent righteous thoughts, besides following all the requirements that the Minghui article outlined, we added one thought, “Completely disintegrate all the evils which interfere with Shen Yun’s saving people!” That righteous thought focused only on the evil in other dimensions instead of the specific phenomena of interference. That way we avoided too many thoughts that could affect our capability of entering into the state of calmness. It is like Master taught in Zhuan Falun, Lecture 7, “Wherever there’s black qi there’s illness—they’re right about that. But, black qi is not the root cause of the problem. Instead, it’s a being in a deeper dimension, and it’s that being that produces the field.” “After you remove that thing you’ll find that there’s nothing in the body over here.”

By each person attending the group sending righteous thoughts, we strengthened the righteous thoughts of believing in Master and Dafa! The cultivation state and environment in the whole area got noticeably better, and the productivity of other Dafa projects also increased.

Let’s encourage each other with Master’s scripture:

“Dafa disciples' sending forth righteous thoughts at this special historic period--in order to reduce the evil beings' persecution of Dafa, Dafa disciples, and the people of the world--has played a very critical role. A large number of evil beings have been cleaned out in a timely manner before the force of Fa-rectification arrives, and this has reduced many potential losses. Yet the evil beings have already seen that they're doomed, and they are acting more and more madly. Dafa disciples are now sentient beings' only, sole hope for salvation. So, in order to do Fa-rectification more effectively, while you clarify the facts you have to take sending righteous thoughts very seriously, and in a timely manner purge the evil and your own problems so that you won't be taken advantage of by the evil.” “To reduce the losses, and to save sentient beings, put your Dafa disciples' powerful righteous thoughts to full use! Show your Mighty Virtue!” (“Righteous Thoughts”)


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