Solid Cultivation Helps to Overcome Tribulations

A Dafa practitioner in China

PureInsight | April 6, 2011

[] Several elderly practitioners in my local area passed away in the last six months. There are also similar reports about other areas circulating on the Internet. Why do these unusual things happen when the Fa-rectification will be completed soon? Have these practitioners finished their journey? Was it due to the old forces’ persecution? I feel bad that these practitioners could not make it to the completion of Fa-rectification. I also think that if one cultivates solidly, he or she will not casually pass away amid the cultivation of Dafa.

I have seen many discussions about this issue from fellow practitioners. The fundamental reason, in my opinion is a lack of solid cultivation. Did those practitioners who left early cultivate diligently? If a practitioner really cultivates solidly, he or she will be able to see through, as well as oppose the old forces’ arrangements. If so, as they continue to overcome tribulations and make progress, such practitioners should reach a better and better cultivation status. How could they instead end up in hospital and lose their lives? It is not hard to understand this from Master’s Fa principles.

I once discussed this with one fellow practitioner; she shared a story of an elderly practitioner she knew. This elderly practitioner studied the Fa and did the exercises diligently, and also actively clarified the truth to others. On the surface, she did not seem to have significant loopholes. One day, however, she was hospitalized and went blind. Many practitioners went there to send righteous thoughts for her and asked her to maintain righteous thoughts as well to oppose the old forces’ persecution. It was not until her condition was stable that we learned where her problem was. This practitioner’s husband wanted to eat dishes made of live crabs. In the beginning, she knew killing was against the Fa principles and thus did not buy them. Later, her husband was furious and blamed her, saying that she was too selfish. Fearing her husband would continue to say bad words against Dafa, she bought live crabs and cooked them. In the end, her husband was all right, but she almost died. When looking back, this was a test to check her understanding of the Fa principles. She chose to go along with the sentimentality of this human world instead of safeguarding the Fa. Master has explained the issue of killing very clearly and seriously. The old forces would not let this opportunity go and thus used to it to persecute this practitioner. Solid cultivation means we must remain diligent all the time and gradually improve ourselves. We are working towards becoming enlightened beings and it does not work if we are unable to meet the criteria of different levels.

There is another elderly practitioner at my practice site and everyone considered her diligent in studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and clarifying the truth. One day, she did not feel good and asked others to send forth righteous thoughts for her. We found out the reason later. When she went to get a haircut one day, the store owner wanted to make friends with her and did not accept her money. Then the store owner recommended another type of qigong to her. Thinking she did not pay for the haircut, this elderly practitioner felt it was hard for her to refuse the invitation and went once to practice that qigong with the store owner. After coming back, her physical condition declined quickly. We have cultivated for more than 10 years and the Fa-rectification will end very soon. But some of us are still unclear of the issue of “no second cultivation way” although Master has told us many times. Even if a practitioner merely has a wrong thought, the old forces may take advantage of the loophole, let alone going there in person. Are practitioners with such thoughts and actions qualified to be kings in the new cosmos? How can other practitioners help with this even if they want to do so by sending forth righteous thoughts? Besides, not paying someone after receiving a service such as a haircut is inappropriate even for an everyday person, how can a Dafa practitioner act like this?

One day, a practitioner told me that practitioner A had not joined group Fa-study for a long time. During this period of time, practitioner A had chest tightness, swelling, and diabetes symptoms, and had been hospitalized several times. She was wondering how long her life would continue for. After learning about her situation, some practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for her and some discussed with her and shared understandings. She shared a story about when she was eating Dragon Boat Festival dumplings together with her family, other dumplings were cooked, but hers were raw, although the skin was well cooked. After hearing this, one practitioner said that could remind her to be serious about cultivation. Even if one seems to do everything on the surface, if ones heart does not change, their cultivation is still not solid. That is, if one does not truly fundamentally change through cultivation and make progress, the superficial changes on the surface do not work and do not last long. Only by following Master’s words and opposing any interference can one continue on the path of cultivation successfully.

Very often, we can learn many things from various tribulations. No human notions can be hidden, and when someone does not cultivate solidly, he or she is actually deceiving themself. Cultivation is not simple; we have to change ourselves fundamentally. Some practitioners have passed away although they were able to recite Zhuan Falun. From this, we can see how serious cultivation is. We have to cultivate solidly in order to meet the requirements at each different level.

There is one elderly practitioner at my practice site. Many people, including him, thought that he cultivated very well and could let go of life and death. Once when he went to Beijing to appeal, police agents arrested him and asked him where he came from, he did not answer. Later, the agents drove him in a police van to a suburb and threatened to kill him there. He was scared and told the police his contact information. He was later transferred to the local police station, and still could not let go of life and death, especially when he had illness symptoms. With the fear of death, he eventually passed away.

Master said, “If you are not afraid, the factor that would make you afraid will cease to exist” (Essentials for Further Advancement II). No matter what attachment—even the fear of death, when we are really clear on the Fa, the attachment will be disintegrated immediately. Many practitioners, especially those who are severely ill, often come across this situation. My understanding is if we can let go of fear, and strive forward boldly, we will be able to make it.

I have shared the above understandings, hoping we can all be clearer on this and improve together. Please point out anything inappropriate.


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