The Portal of Time and Space in One’s Heart


PureInsight | February 28, 2011

[] Speaking of portals through time and space, we may have come across such a thing in sci-fi movies or novels. That is, one is able to enter a totally different world through such portals.

Prior to cultivation, I used to think that such portals only existed in one’s imagination. As I began to cultivate myself, however, I often thought about it again, especially when facing subtle incidents or complicated relationships between various people. By then, I often calmed down to examine myself, to check if there was something wrong within me, and correct it.

If, without any complaint or negative feelings, I maximized my efforts to improve and harmonize everything around me, then my heart would enter another world at an extremely high speed though a portal. In that world, the air is fresh, the dimension is broad, and even my life is transparent. After experiencing this several times, I found such a portal does exist in a person’s heart. This portal, which can bring a person to different worlds and allow them to sense various dimensions, can only be opened by their own compassion.

Once when calling my parents, my mother said nervously, “You father has a stomachache and he is in a lot of pain.” I asked my mother to give the phone to my father and then said, “Dad, please recite, ‘Falun Dafa is good’.” After several minutes, the pain stopped. My father was very happy and said, “Where did the magic power come from? After reciting those words, I felt as if I passed through time and space, and the pain suddenly stopped. I am unable to explain it although I am a doctor.”

This real life example led me to think many things. Heart disease and high blood pressure are a major challenge in the health care sector. How did this come about? It is because people have spent too much time thinking and worrying. With the tense relationships between people, it is hard to even find a person to talk with. Therefore, the portal in one’s heart is often blocked, which not only impedes the connection with our true selves, but also in turn aggravates our anxiety. If such blockage continues, people can easily get sick. From this, we can see that it is indeed very important to stay connected with the kindness of our true self.

With these thoughts, the portal of time and space in one’s heart may not seem so intangible as it used to. The existence of this portal could help to prevent human beings from degenerating too early. It also allows us—especially when we calm down—to connect with our true self. At that time, whoever does so will feel bright, peaceful, and pleasant.

When looking around, I noticed that life displays itself in various ways. This portal, which helps to maintain the wonderfulness of our being, exists within each of us at all times. As the Chinese New Year approaches, I wish everyone will be immersed in compassion as they travel through these portals.


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