Denying the Persecution

Falun Dafa Practitioner Xi Rong

PureInsight | May 4, 2011

[] We all know that the old forces methods of persecuting Dafa disciples are illegal and cruel; such as practitioners’ illegal dismissal from their jobs, detention, being sentenced to forced labor or imprisonment, being tortured to death, or death from sickness.

When I was aware of someone facing persecution, I always had the following thought in my mind; this person has a strong attachment or has strong human notions. Firstly, I did not look inward when I saw problems. Secondly, I realize that I don’t focus enough on saving sentient beings. Thirdly, in regards to practitioners who have been illegally abducted or persecuted to death, I was attached to thinking of their shortcomings. What I did was not denying the old forces, but instead acknowledging their persecution of fellow Falun Dafa practitioners. This then increased the persecution imposed on the practitioners by the old forces. If more practitioners have similar thoughts to mine on this subject, then it will create an additional barrier for the persecuted practitioners to break through and become an impediment to rescuing victims of the persecution. Aren’t we doing bad things!? "Good or bad comes from one thought" (Zhuan Falun). One thought can create a universe, and then are we going to destroy it?

If a practitioner acknowledges the old forces, then the old forces will try to use that to persecute the practitioner. If persecution arises, ask Master for help! Will Master protect those who do not have righteous thoughts? I have repeatedly been persecuted, and so I have a loophole in this area. The lesson is too profound! Recognizing the seriousness of this problem, whenever I come across or hear of persecution of Dafa disciples that occurs, the first thought I bear in mind is: “No one can persecute Dafa disciples who save sentient beings. Whoever does so is committing a crime. Dafa disciples are not only saving a few people on Earth, but also the countless sentient beings whom the people on Earth represent. We must deny the persecution completely.”

If you see any inadequacies in my understanding, please kindly correct me.

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