A Brief Sharing on Promoting Shen Yun

A Dafa Disciple in New York City

PureInsight | April 13, 2011

[PureInsight.org] The upcoming Shen Yun performance is a great chance for all of us to assist Master to save more sentient beings.

I have been carrying the Shen Yun fliers with me to give to people I have encountered. I explained to them what is Shen Yun and what they will see at the show. After that, I asked them if there is anyway that I can contact them later when the ecard is available; I also asked them if it's possible for them to forward the ecard to their coworkers. I have started doing this since last Wednesday. One day, I went to a government agency, and spoke to a lady about Shen Yun. She gave me her email at work, and she told me she can forward the ecard to all the people in her office. Another day, I talked to a staff in the airport; he also gave me his email, and told me he can forward the information to his coworkers. I also got an email address from someone who works at the subway station.

I have a suggestion: If all of us start to talk to people we meet about Shen Yun, and ask them if they can help to forward the information about the show or the ecard to more people. In this way, we can reach out to a lot of people. We can also spend some effort to work on companies, corporations, organizations, schools, etc. We can contact their human resources department or the executive secretary, introduce Shen Yun to them, and ask if they can forward the information to more people in their organizations. We can reach out to a lot of people this way, and it won't cost us much money.

I flew to a city in the Mid-U.S. a few weeks ago. Shen Yun was showing in that city that weekend. I had some bookmarks left from the January Shen Yun performance in New York City. I put the information about Shen Yun in that city on the bookmarks. On the airplane, I was thinking of how to let people know about Shen Yun. I walked up to the flight attendants and told them: "Shen Yun will be coming to this city tonight and tomorrow." One of them told me: "I live in Florida." Then I asked them if I can give out the bookmarks on the plane. They told me it's fine. One of them asked me: "Do you want to make an announcement?" She started talking into the handset: "Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please?" Then she gave me the handset; I started to talk and tell people on the plane about Shen Yun. After the announcement, I walked down the aisle and started to give out the bookmarks. People raised their hands, and I was surprised that I gave out all twenty bookmarks I had.

I think the climate has changed; people are waiting to hear the truth and waiting to learn about Shen Yun. I think we can make the upcoming show successful if we put our whole hearts in it!

This is just my personal understanding.

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