The Closer it Gets to the End, the More Serious the Cultivation

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | May 4, 2011

[] Recently I got a new computer at the office. Due to my selfishness, I hid the mouse of the old computer and wanted to take it home because my laptop at home needed a mouse. The system administrator found the mouse and was about to take it away. I didn’t enlighten to this, and instead, I was unhappy. When he went to the bathroom, I took the mouse out and hid it secretly. Then I took it home.

After I got home, I plugged in the mouse from work. Everything went well and I was happy. Then I felt guilty and realized I shouldn’t have done what I did. I remembered Master’s Fa, “He used to take home pieces of towels from the mill, and so did all the other employees. After he learned our practice, he not only stopped taking things home, but also brought back what he took home before. When other people saw him doing that, they, too, stopped taking things. Some employees even returned what they’d taken before. This happened throughout the whole mill” (Zhuan Falun).

Then I thought, “The mouse is being used by a Dafa disciple. It’s very lucky and it’ll have a great future. Moreover, it’s old and wouldn’t have cost much. If I don’t use it, it’ll be in the storehouse collecting dust.” I didn’t realize my thoughts were wrong and weren’t in line with “Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance.” I tried to find excuses to disguise my selfishness.

Several days later various problems started to show up on my computer. First the fan inside the computer broke down. Then the computer got too hot and powered off automatically. I tried to communicate with the computer and sent righteous thoughts to the fan. Finally the fan worked but then the anti-virus software didn’t work. The computer crashed easily. In the end the operating system wouldn’t start. No matter what I tried to fix, the computer just wouldn’t start. I looked within and found many attachments. But I didn’t find the root cause. I wondered if it could be caused by the mouse from my office. I asked my husband if a mouse could carry a virus. My husband said it was impossible. Then I didn’t think about it further.

Recently, I hadn’t studied the Fa that much, so I studied Guiding the Voyage for one hour. Suddenly, I enlightened that Guiding the Voyage had profound meaning: if a Dafa disciple loses his/her fundamental direction, then he/she walks on the wrong path.

A fellow practitioner came. I told her my computer was broken. We continued to study “Teaching the Fa at the Washington, D.C. International Fa Conference” in Guiding the Voyage. Master said in the lecture: “The evil beings look specifically for your thoughts that contain attachments in order to strengthen them and achieve their aim of taking control. After being used by demons, these people ‘enlighten’ along an evil path but still think that they’re right, and look in the Fa for excuses by taking things out of context to defend themselves.”

After we sent righteous thoughts at 12PM, I powered on the computer. With Master’s hint, finally I realized the root cause was the mouse. I resolved to return it. I unplugged the mouse taken from the office and switched back to the old one. The operating system started to run. Although it was slow, it worked.

My fellow practitioner said: “Just now when we sent righteous thoughts, I saw strings of evil schemers. After I eliminated one string of evil schemers, another string came. I kept eliminating all of them.” So I told her the story of the mouse. We shared experiences and realized that every single thought and idea of Dafa disciples, every single word and action of Dafa disciples must be in line with the Fa. The closer it gets to the end, the narrower the path to walk on, and the more serious the cultivation is.

Please correct me if my thoughts are not in line with the Fa.

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